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It's from my fathers son experience.You know guys, prevention is better than cure..What would you do when 1 of you, has/have been quarantine?you already follow what the DR. said, more water,eat more fruit, drink/eat coconut virgin oil, wash hand,drink more fresh milk. and also eat the DR pills? very tiring right..but still no recovered?

Here's what a father of a son that have been quarantine. 10 students including his son,at his scholl have been quarantine.He also did what the DR said. There's no changes.Still flu.getting worse.he's really afraid of it. So he made up his mind, mind setting,say a lot of prayer, give 2 dowse of Noni extract under his son tounge every morning and night. Guess what,all his prayer and confident, he fully recovered after 3 days and happily in school. The other 9 person still in flu.. Noni extract is enzyme to build the antibody and immune. Compare to other product, it is added with a bit of noni extract,water and other material. but Noni, it is patents.pure extract 10ml for 30 of noni fruit. just only a pure extract, to help and maintain a good health of one body. In fact, it also have clinical research just to show you it is a proof. Just think a product without clinical research.Almost 80% of patients are healed. Also it have been approve by the Food Drug Association (FDA) and Islamic Halal worldwide.

i'm just helping you. Im already a user of Noni pure extract. I have sinus. This 2 days, i didn't suffer a running nose in the morning. Interested?

imagine?can you guess how much it is? 10ml only RM40. Well, if you be a member, you can get only RM30. if you be a member, you also can help others in help.1 pure noni extract enzyme is for all health maintaince..

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