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Misconceptions About Islam

courtesy from : hafiz

10) Muslims are Arabs 
 Misconception: All Muslims are Arabs
The common image of a Muslim is a turbaned dark Arab man with a long beard. However this image is part of the minority of Muslims. Arabs make only 15% of the world’s Muslim population. As a matter of fact the Middle East comes in third with East Asia coming in at first (69%) and Africa (27%) coming in at second. Another common misconception is that all Arabs are Muslims. While the vast majority of Arabs are Muslims (75%), there are many other religions that Arabs practice including Christianity and Judaism. 

9) Muslims and Jesus  
Misconception: Muslims Hate Jesus
There are many similarities between the historical references of Christianity and Islam. Many people are amazed to find out that according to Muslim belief, Jesus is one of the greatest messengers of God. One cannot be a Muslim without believing in the virgin birth and the many miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus is also mentioned in many verses of the Quran and is often used as an example of good virtue and character. However, the main difference between Christianity and Islam is that Muslims do not believe that Jesus was God. Pictured above is Jesus in an Islamic portrayal of the last judgement.

8) Children’s Rights  
 Misconception: Children have no rights
Children, according to Islamic law, have various rights. One of these is the right to be properly brought up, raised, and educated. Islam encourages children to be brought up well because it is the responsibility of an adult to raise his child to become a moral and ethical adult. Children must also be treated equally. When giving financial gifts they should all be the same amount and there should be no preference among them. Children are even permitted to take moderately from their parent’s wealth to sustain themselves if the parent declines to give them proper funds for living. A child is also not allowed to get hit in the face or hit by anything larger than a pencil. 

7)Religious Intolerance 
 Misconception: Islam is intolerable to other religions
‘Kill the infidel’ is the phrase many people believe is the ideology that Muslims have towards the non Muslims. This, though, is not a correct portrayal of Islamic law. Islam has always given respect and freedom of religion to all faiths. In the Quran it says “God does not forbid you, with regards to those who fight you not for religion nor drive you away out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them, for god loves those who are just.” There are many historical examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faith. One such example was when the caliph Umar was ruler of Jerusalem from 634 to 644 AD. He granted freedom to all religious communities and said that the inhabitants of his city were safe and that their places of worship would never be taken away from them. He also set up courts that were designated to the non Muslim minorities. Whenever he would visit holy areas he would ask for the Christian patriarch Sophronius (pictured above) to accompany him. 

6) Islamic Jihad  
 Misconception: Jihad means to fight for the sake of god
The true Arabic meaning of the word jihad is struggle. However in Islam it is often used to describe the striving in the way of god. There are many forms of jihad but the most important ones are Jihad al-nafs (jihad against ones self), jihad bil-lisan (jihad by being vocal), jihad bil yad (jihad by using action), and Jihad bis saif (jihad by using the sword). Each jihad is ranked differently and it was reported that Muhammad returned from a battle and said “We have returned from the lesser jihad (going into battle) to the greater jihad (the struggle of the soul).” This means that a Muslim struggling against himself and his soul is more important than the jihad of going into war. Another misconception is that only when a person dies in war does that person becomes a martyr. This is, however, false and it is believed that anyone doing anything for the sake of god and is killed becomes a martyr. A person who dies while performing pilgrimage in Mecca, a woman who dies while giving birth, or even someone who dies in a car crash while he was on his way to the mosque are all considered martyrs.

5) Child Bride  

Misconception: The Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile
While it is true that he married a girl that was at the age of nine that does not constitute pedophilia. Historically, the age at which a girl was considered ready to be married has been puberty. This was the case in Biblical times, and is still used today to determine the age of marriage in many parts of the world. This was part of the norm and is not something that Islam invented. The girl he got married to had reached puberty 3 years before marriage. It is upon reaching the age of puberty that a person, man or woman, becomes legally responsible for their actions under Islamic law. At this point, they are allowed to make their own decisions and are held accountable for their actions. It should also be mentioned that in Islam, it is unlawful to force someone to marry someone that they do not want to marry. There is no indication that the society at that time criticized this marriage due to the girl’s young age. On the contrary, the marriage was encouraged by the girl’s family and was welcomed by the community at large.

4) Muslim Savages
The Islamic War
Misconception: Muslims are savages and barbaric during war
Quite the contrary, when it comes to the conduct of war there are ten rules that every Muslim army must obey:
1. Do not commit treachery
2. Do not deviate from the right path
3. Do not mutilate dead bodies
4. Do not kill children
5. Do not kill women
6. Do not kill aged men
7. Do not harm or burn trees
8. Do not destroy buildings
9. Do not destroy an enemy’s flock, unless you use it for your food
10. When you pass people who have devoted their lives to monastic services leave them alone
During the crusades when Saladin defeated the franks he honored the defeated Frankish army and supplied them with food and during the third crusade when Saladin’s enemy king Richard fell sick, Saladin sent him a gift of fruits and horses. 

3) Women’s Rights 
 Misconception: Women have no rights
The image of a woman wearing a veil from head to toe, a woman who gets unfair justice or a woman who is not allowed to drive is an all too familiar notion when it comes to women treatment in Islam. And while there are Muslim countries in the world that do implement many harsh rulings against women, this should not be portrayed as Islamic law. Many of these countries have cultural differences that go against the teachings of Islam. It should be noted that during pre-Islam Arabia women were used for fornication only and had no independence. The birth of a daughter in a family was considered humiliating and the practice of female infanticide was uncontrolled. When Islam came to being, verses in the Quran condemned the practice of female infanticide. Islam gave back many human rights to the woman and Muhammad(s) was even reported saying that “women are the twin halves of men.” A Muslim woman is allowed to reject and accept any suitor for marriage and has the right to seek divorce. There is nothing in Islam that forbids a Muslim woman from exiting her house and is allowed to drive. Also in regards to education, a woman is obligated to seek knowledge and it is considered a sin if she refuses.

2) By the Sword
Misconception: Islam was spread by the sword
Historian De lacey O’Leary states “History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.” There is no record in history that shows people being forced by sword point to convert to Islam. When Islam spread through countries they would set up private churches and synagogues for the non Muslims they were governing and because of the good treatment they had received they themselves would convert. If one considers the small number of Muslims who initially spread Islam to the west all the way from Spain and Morocco and into east from India and China one would realize that such a small group of people could not force others to be members of a religion against their will. It is also interesting to note that when the Mongols invaded and conquered large portions of the Islamic empire, instead of destroying the religion they adopted it!

1) Islamic Terrorism 
Misconception: Muslims are terrorists
This is by far the biggest misconception of Islam, given unfairly by stereotyping and the public image that the media gives. Has anyone else noticed how when a specific group of people attack another group of people it is labeled as a ‘hate crime’, but when a Muslim opens fire on anybody it is quickly regarded as ‘terrorism’. Many political dictators and officials or extremist groups use the name of Islam as a strategy to garner followers and attention when many of their practices go against the true basis of Islam. The media has also portrayed Islam as a cult or a club where if you join you become a terrorist and that is now part of your agenda. However all over the world people practice Islam in the true form and use it as a way of life. There are many verses in the Quran that go against the idea of terrorism. Some of these verses include “fight in the way of Allah those that fight you but do not transgress limits for god does not love transgressors.” This basically means do not fight except in self defense and even in doing so do not go beyond defense. Another verse states “if they seek peace, then you seek peace,” which means do not attack people for no reason or kill innocent people. There is nowhere in Islam, whether it be in the Quran or the teachings of Muhammad, that promotes the killing of innocent people. Pictured above is a conference of Muslims against Terrorism. 

Meeting-Version 5

yeah..that weekend..back home.
he told me to meet him at Queen Bakery on 17th June 2004..
i still remember that lovely place..
now..already a SevenEleven shop..

i forgot already..what i wore..haha..
he told me that..
he was confused..
he looked nervous..
he read my letter..
oppp..oh no..(what an embarrasment..)
he asked few friends..
he told me also
he made a prayer..Istiqarah to find an answer

between the two person..

and i ever many of you done that?ask your self
it doesn't matter male or least maybe one of them..

at 1st hard for him..why why why..
how how how..
what to her..there were just got together..
it remind me this song..
that was for me..even i gave few hint to him before..okay..i was ready for the answer..
make it fast dear..
out of my mind..
he declared..
i am his girlfriend..
regarding her..he will talked to her..
er..i was is..sure it was..fuhh
kind a hard you know in that situation..
after he spoke to her..i knew what she would be..
i gave her some space..they just end up like that..
i take a long time for me and her to talk again.. and her..are friend as usual..she's happy with her life and boyfriend :)

glad to hear that..
hope you knew why he choose me..
all his secret just reveal..before this he told me a bit..he have a friend..
died due to that time i thought a male..coz in our language it be..
"saya dulu ada kawan baik..dia dah meninggal.."
if in english..even some..he also refer to i correct?

to be continue....
click here for the 1st version


walk in..Delia Day Spa, Jalan Pegawai..
at near 3pm..
currently not available..full..
have to book at 4pm..yeah..ok.
went to town..collected his comic,bought Pesona Pengantin :)
almost the time..
girls' only
my Feeling?

it almost 1 and half year i didn't went to SPA..
my problem appear..
the massage...wwohhhoooo..
err..a bit pain haha..
i have blachead & whitehead pore and eyebag,dark cirlce
pimples?just little..:)

massage with hand, hot stone and a machine..
their technique..
perfect combination..
traditional and 1 modern machine..'s different from what i have done last time..
really got a feeling that my skin breath well..
oh my delicate month i will come back for eye treatment :)
opp before i forgot..there's shoulder massage
whooahh..i can felt it...lovely..err..
nobody ever massage like that..haha..only little bit..
my skin..firmer..whiter..soft..a bit red..hehe..not pale
no more open pore

later..eye treatment and body massage :)
i need to buy that dermo to prevent blackhead n whitehead..
facial+eye treatment= RM 68.00

Baik - baik Sayang (be good,dear)

aku tak ingin kau menangis bersedih
sudahi air mata darimu
yang aku ingin arti hadir diriku
kan menghapus dukamu sayang
karna bagiku kau kehormatanku
dengarkan, dengarkan aku

hanya satu pintaku
untukmu dan hidupmu
baik-baik sayang
ada aku untukmu
hanya satu pintaku
di siang dan malammu
baik-baik sayang
karna aku untukmu

semua keinginan akan aku lakukan
sekuat semampuku, sayang
karna bagiku kau kehormatanku
dengarkan, dengarkan aku

repeat reff


is it clear>
hahaa..for me jealous is funny..haha..
there are several type of jealous and situation..
everybody have..
once jealous are beyond the limit,
that is obsession..
from the 1st time i am with him..jealous a bit..due to..several things..not because of her ex..
later i told you the story..
a wife..a husband..friends..other successor..
you choose..
so..need to handle your jealousy

well..i honestly admit to my fiance..if i am jealous,i'll told him directly..haha..
even sometime he mistaken my perception..

we share FB..i just only one to play those game.look around my alma matter.ngehngehngehh 
pop up's my fiance friend..bla2..etc..i told them..he was not available at the moment..sleeping beauty
sometime i ignore..cause he warn me..not to reply anything..ala..pity them..they want to know you..huhu
there was also..girls..
haahaa..even few words..i don't know how to reply..just email him the msg..
maybe she was in trouble..need some advice..
even i reply..they were shocked..
nothing to worry la..i was just with my game..
nice meeting them on FB..hahaa
so..gave me a gift.for the game..haha
actually..his friends will become my friend too..
my friends>become his friends too

end up after fiance replied..somebody got jealous..hhaaahaa..
funnyy..reeaalllyy funnyy not jealous..i was not in da mood of jealous..
why not he replied the msg to her..haha..pity her..a friend in need is a friend in deed..
are those words correct?
sorry..gomenne..still improve my english

actually..when something come question please..the most important thing in a relationship is you realize how the way you talk?please be careful..please change so that both person can accept..
and please please please
patient is a must..
and not forgetting..your faith in HIM..
once you forget HIM..
HE will forget you too.

that's what i learn in life..once you used cruel words..for the rest of your will continue to repeat it again,again,again..till when?

reverse psychology?maybe
i am also..still adapting myself to change for a better life..
and never give up..even if i give up..tears..haha..that's how i let it out..

others people jealous of me?
oh come on..think postive..i did nothing to i owe your money>nope
hmm other situation..don't mistaken my friendship..
my coolest best buddies..a lot of them are someones' wife, someones' husband..
left me..single, getting married..we share a lot stories, lesson..and learn from old stories..
well, i am getting married i need to get knowledge husband and wife..

how to cook>is a must
how to care in law>is a must
how to handle both family>is a must
how how how..etc..
sometime there is several little things that we forget..
i prefer to be in da middle..haha..libra..:)

so what?

New Soul-Version 4

My option..only 2 the best one..:)
it's kinda hard to make a decision..
my number 1, fallen to no. 2.. mom & brother like him..cause they know him.haha..
what a good girl..hehe..
me>no such feeling..towards him..i don't see the eye meet my eye well..
i was looking something..when i looked into his eyes..i felt something..hehe..1 in a million..
My elder brother told me to tackle him..oh ohh ohh my.why me start 1st..if he is a gentlemen..
why don't he started 1st..
told mom..if i started it..haha..she told me don't embarresed myself..ok..i shut my mouth..
really i don't found any clue toward such feeling..he's going to be a doctor..
i started to think..if i'm with him..his time for me.are very's not my life..sorry..
i need someone i love around me...

lovey dovey..haha..

time passes by..
his with her back together..
sorry darling..
i just send antrax..
a poison letter..
it only included certain word..
i option..
for him to choose..
i didn't stoled..
just telling him..honestly..the truth..
before he made another mistake..
i was someone else only.. just a friend..nothing important..
fuhh..i feel..fuhh
the burden..the feeling inside..blewn away..
cause i was not priceless..
i am small..he is big..
still wonder whether he got it or not..
i don't mind..hehe..

few weeks later..
oh my God..for the rest of my life..he never wrote something like that..
a clue actually..
we are the Allah servant no matter how tall or big or small you are..
for HIM..we have faith..

next..another clue..
wanna met me..
HU?why?suddenly.. i was very embarressed
my head started to think

er..wondering..huuhuu friend told be strong and brave as usual..hehe

to be continue...

sambung-Chaiyok..Ganbatte..GoodLuck..Semoga berjaya!

CPU tu hilang masa hari sabtu/ahad..time tu kami salahkan kami..lgpun..ada org lain guna kelas km..haha...lawak2...

tapikan..benda paling kelakar dalam hidup aku..
suara ku yg halus mulus nyaring ni..dicop dilabel.nice voice masa live call...
gila arr..terkejut gak aku..bab suara aku dh hilang confident..kes aku kena kutuk2 dlu..suara ku menyakitkan..
aku hilang confident utk bersuara dh..err ambil masa agak lama utk sembuh normal kembali..
opp doesnt mean i'm insane bab fizikal sekarang aku dh boleh berbangga skit..hehe..
dh naik seri..haha..thanks darling..making it a beautifull life..orang2 yg suka buli aku dh makin lenyap dari hidup aku..syukur alhamdulillah..happines come with a sacrifice..bersusah - susah dahulu, bersenang - senang kemudian..sebab aku piki positif..xsemestinya yg besar,or tua dari aku lebih matang dari aku..certain important things, mereka lebih teruk dari aku..lebih kebudak-budakan..i start to look into positive way..

think as a degree person..ngehngehngeh..tercabar my fiance nanti..sebab dia xkhatam degree lagi..hmm..petang ni aku nk wat apa yer..celebrate 1year aku selamat koje cni..bulan depan last koje..haha..makan kek..macam best..oh tidakk...aku dh kempunan cream, kek dan coklat ada kegemaranku..aku mengaku..mmg aku macam2 budak..ala..apa kes..just outside jer..dalaman aku..hampa mana leh teropong..dalaman aku..macam orang kata..xkenal maka xcinta..aku pegang kata-kata ni..aku sebenarnya pemalu sikit..haahaa..tapi kalo dh kenai lelama..terserlah xtakmaluan aku..hahaa..apa yer?yang ni kena ask balik member aku..err..i become very open minded..topik wanita?lelaki?fashion?petua?ada la skit..ntah aku pun xpasti..

hmm mesti my penpal-lucia- haru biru nk baca nih..sorry dear..please google translater
yeahh xsabo nk jumpa dia dia tinggi gila..aku pendek gila..aku kecik dia besar..
oh rinduku padamu..temank sepermainan kanak2 ku..

Chaiyok..Ganbatte..GoodLuck..Semoga berjaya!

Fuh..different language.yeah bebehh..
got some inspiration..always feeling down..time to be on top..opp Wanna be on top?-refer to tyra bank-next top model..hahaa..err after few blogwalking. found this zack dozo yoroshiku..(nice to meet you)
i got influence to be japanese a bit from my fiancee..haahaa..thanks making Mawi said..
my language..with friends..fuh..mix up..haahaaa..

Lesson no 1: have a smile on your face..
Lesson no 2: when i'm gonna confident with my english?i guess..err..still wondering..
                    actually..i want to improve my surrounding..malay speaking, mothers' tounge..haahaa
                    why english,not malay?preparation..will fly to UK this September..autumn in my heart..haha
                    accompany my future husband,in University of Glamorgan,Wales, Cardiff..

dah..berbelit dh lidah aku..nk pedo (tahan) pelat kedah aku..hahaaa
kali ni..nk bergumbira sikit..
kira celebrate sensorang la..berpoyo skit.walaupun mood kemalasan melanda..siap gmbr garfield tdo tu aku buat set as desktop background..hahaa

dh dah..tukar2..naikkan semangat diri anda...
nak kawen dh itu ini...rajin2..jgn malas..tambahkan berat badan (walaupun agak payah ku menelan) err diet..makan byk telur..haha...dlm telur ada 8 asid amino..hehe..opp diet ak byk protien daa..aduhh kn tukar ni..hmmm

ohh lupa nk bgtau..hari ni..genap setahun aku bekerjaa..fuyyoo..hebat2...err.masalah tu..memana pn aku..masalah yg ada tu remeh sgt..oohh childlish.macamna Malaya nk maju...padahal..kat dunia luar..i dont care who you are..what work you do, I only care your performance, your output only..sorry la bodek2.xmakan saman..xperform, you will be kick out..opp teringat lak dlu masa training customer service under gak..jumpa ramai org..ada ternampak sekali ja, Paknil..dapat member baik..kamcing wehh..skrang walaupn dh x sekali.ada gak contact..hehe..opp ms final test..ak agk down..huhu..ntah..dlm ramai2 yg tinggal..hanya 2 org ja depa amek..adooii...wana know.bacth lpas km yg depa amek tuh, lebih teruk dari kami..hahaa...amek ko..disiplin suka suki..yg kelakar bacth km..CPU leh hilang..kuangkuangkuang

satgi sambung lain..ada koje..haha

Home Sweet Home

yeaahh yesterday evening..
er...goshh...oh my God..what a MESSY hall..
I just reached home from office..

they already started to paint the undercoat 1st..hehee
the color..from my point of view..the color i choose.. undercoat with white..
can't wait to see the final result..i choose a combination color that suit the curtain that we bought at Nilai 1

the color..contemporary..tradisional and one..
as for the undercoat, my father choose SEAMASTER..cheaper..
as for the color..we choose KCC.korean paint..color..i don't know how to's kind a green+brown+yellow..and light gray..

the result..wait till the final..

chit chat.with mom and my brother no 2..haha..
we will arrange a family meeting..for the preparation..
me? wanna make it like official..i have a feeling that she missed her job last time..
brothers and should attend and help me!.last time i help you a lot during your wedding..

i was the last person went to sleep..and the 1st to woke up..end up..only 1/2 of my photos only..haha..err during my elder brother no 1, none of my photos..hahaa

right now..still searching a spa..yeah bebeh..for facial..would like to try at Delia, Jalan Pegawai :)
err for eye scar on my i got it?years years ago..during frying fishes..

pop..ouchh that's hurt a bit..
well..i have problem to sleep at night.i think that is normall..eyebag dark circles..damn..
feeling sleepy..lay on few sleeppy disorder..haha..

version 4 love story will come soon.
to be continue..
opp sorry for the broken english..i'm blurry this time

Have you ever...

have you a situation..
nobody that you can laugh with..
during your hard time, you will know who is your friend..who is your enemy..

friend come and go...
true friendship?1 in a million i guess..
maybe i'm not lucky in friendship
..but i'm lucky to have someone..
as for libra..hard for them..if it's not balance..
time passess by..last time..really had friends around..miss that time very much..

Li Meng, Lucka, Tibor

well sometime it made me sad..
they told me..they treat me like a sister aka adik..
for me..there's different between a sister aka adik and friends..
urrgghh..just cause i'm small in their physical..huhuu..i'm proud of it..even i'm always lack of confident with nonsense

to show i was good enough...i'm good in sport last time..
During in USM-sport long jump is 3.56m..then it increased,i guess it's 3.7m something..yeah bebeh..err..a 100 body are not fit enough,my timing was 14sec.I used to run and warming up with USM Athlete like K.Lin,Pei Yee and other's great..the feeling..the moment..on track..lovely..
fuhh hard to beat them..huhu..last time when i was 17 years old..i made it 13 sec..bronze medal at final..yeahhh bebehh

if now..i run a 100 m..i think it would be 18sec.haha...from young,i really can't do more than heartbeat can't make it..well..i still remember some exercise for athlete..strecthing..hehe..pain?haha if only your muscle are not soft order to avoid cramp muscles,MUST do strecthing properly!

err..i also wish to take part in uniform..but i was lack of time.only done few voice during counting 1,2,3..loud and clear...transport problem..always got back home late evening..skipped school for training and annual event..that gonna make me became weak lack of vitamin..
sunburn..haha..ofcourse..turn my skin like a shrimp..never fainted yet..fuhh..hope never fainted in future..

opp not forget to mention.During my study and friend were strong enough
to hold and moved a 4' x 8' wood...
dare enough to used that electrical, a very big jigsaw to cut the wood piece...sometime i asked others to help due to of us got injured..
and also dare enough to used a small hand jigsaw..Are you dare enough?

suddenly teary eyes..

well i should do something..go with someone that appreciate me..yeah baby..
my happines..will come someone said.
to achieve happiness come with a sacrifice

i'm a bit sensitive person..hehe..but very open minded in others..
usually people, who may not know me well,will call me..arrogant..
xkenal maka xcinta la..hhaahaa
sorry being emotional..

Beautiful Blogger Award

The rules are :

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award

Thanks so much to Oya yang bagi saya award ni..toche..arigato gozaimaishita

2. Pass this award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
hmm..sapa yer nk listkan ni..huhuu..saya wat lebey..yeahh


3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award
On the way...byk ni..agak bz skit..haha..

4. State 7 things about yourself.

1.suka sembang ngan pakcik google :)...
2.suka blogging..& terjah blog...
3.suka rollerblade, superbike, sportcar (in future)
4.tgh piki bila nak leh cekap bawa keta (dh 5bulan xsentuh stereng kuangkuangkuang)
5.suka piki business itu ini
6.muka underage (awet muda ni)
7.nak kawen 3 Julai ni :)

Sekian...the end


what to say..
last night i was back to normal..haha...
my fiance..really shocked..because that the real crazy me..
guess he was wondering..what happening to me..he don't long as i am happy:)
er..i still wonder..also..hhaahaa due to what?hehe..that's the real crazy me bebeh messy to do..ok..will change it..
by the end of may,i will quit my job..focus on my wedding..
this 2 month is critical time for me..saving?err..urrgghhh..huhuu..hard to save enough,i has to use it..
for treatment as a bride to be..yeahh bebehh..

as for my wedding..i am very very very proud..i beat my sister and brother..hahaa
with this little money i have..i made it till the end..yo!'s my money.i proove it to you guys..this little girl that you used to mention unmatured,stupid..gona be better than you!jealous?what the .... from my experience i take it as a challenge to find come with a sacrifice..

my parent only support me for food & souvenier..hehe..and little for am scared,phobia,shame to ask their money due to etc etc etc..urrgghh...coz i am grown up already...after calculating's normal all the money fly away.still have few budget are affordable..for those who are getting married, 1st standby a RM1000 for solemnization dress,wedding dress,2x makeup..if you found a package,normally they charge for the wedding only,not solemnization..if + with's more than that..if you got a cheaper, that's your luck :)

my fiance is trying luck applying internship for this summer.on job training as an Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite) at Subang..hope luck come with us..before this..applied at brunei royal airline, but RBA has no longer have facilitated student abroad to such training..Singapore..also the same...

hope happiness and luck come with us..I have faith and believe in Allah..HE will give us miracle

Update My Noni

Salam Sejahtera,
 di sini dila nk promosi lagi produk Noni..
Dila sekeluarga sendiri dh guna..alhamdulillah, masalah kesihatan dh semakin berkurang..mana ada penyakit sembuh cepat2..Dila penghidap resdung, mmg dari kecil lagi..bergantung ubat doktor..pepagi bersin teruk & rumah tukang perabis tisu..haha..sampai besar..ubat..macam2 dh try,tradisional & moden..nk give up pn ada.
mahai dan murah semua dh cuba..dgn noni..makin lama makin berkurang..syukur alhamdulillah..

sesapa penghidap resdung,allergic..cuba la yer..
Dila asalnya,xkesah la MLM ker,apa ker, yang Dila tau..ubat ni memang berkesan..
yang mahai xsemestinya berkesan..yang murah pn belum tentu.yang penting usaha :)
murah jer sebotol RM50 utk 10ml...lagi bagus kalo korang jadi ahli..jimat sikit..untung tu ada la sikit, macam pendapatan sampingan jer..peringatan.ini bukan skim cepat kaya or piramid.cuba tgk billionaire, mereka dulu mula2..nk berjaya macam sekarang pun susah..

abah pun dh makin sihat..penyakit darah tinggi abah dah normal.. dh maintain 5bulan..
buasir dh 75% sembuh, gout dh lama byk makan kekacang tu,mmg akan rasa la tanda2 gout sikit.Noni akan lawan penyakit satu demi satu..mana boleh mendadak..kang badan terkejut lak..

my sis no 3..migrain dia dh kurang..kalo x,tetiap hari migrain.makan ubat doktor pn xrasa apa..kebal.
jerawat dia pn dh kurang..dia dh try selama 3bulan..migrain dh jarang menyerang :)

kalo ubat moden,kita xkan dapat tau kesan jangka panjang dia..dila dh rasa dh kesannya..dh kebal ubat selsema..kalo selsema kena telan ubat lg kuat,..kalo orang kencing manis,kalo peringkat awai tu,mmg ada harapan penyakit nak berkurang kalo dh peringkat kn dialisis...untuk maintain ja tahap tu dr jd lagi teruk..

noni boleh diguna dgn ubat ikut Dos yg sesuai..
just titik waktu bangun tido,& malam sebelum tido

Cinderella story

well..i can't have a dream..a cinderella dream..
yeahh back to the reality..
right now listening

nice song bebeehh..
i love the makeup when she wore that green gown..that gown are nice :)

fantasy vs reality..
am i grounded?...
a dream to be a designer? talent?..what are my degree used to?well, it's kinda very very very sad..
when the idea's not high cost you know...
feeling kinda giving up a bit.cinderella can't have stress,sad feeling..why?cause i will fall sick..again..
this 3 week just increase a kilogram hard..
later..i don't know what else..hope..i can still hold on..

got feeling..hope i can fulfill some wish..
my instinc..right now,it's blurry...
teardrops.. :)

like Bill Gates' said : Life is not Fair, so get used to it
my life to the fullest as long as i am still alive..

treat your love one as your lover, not as other,it's them who you will live for..
roomate?yeahh sharing a room, a bed..
why i said that, if a quarrel happen (example only) the thing that always really awkward is on bed..
er..i learn from drama..actually, drama also happened peoples around us..whether you realise it or not

learn how to change just few second..adapt the's kinda hard you know..
at least try..
be an optimis level..only few people achieve it..

sorry,for such a..i even don't know what to say..:(