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Faraway-Episode 3

er..i forgot to inform you guys..
er..when i was at the tuition and sinbad..haha..i think when i was in form 3..
recess time yeahh lovely..
went to shop with her..suddenly he appeared right from the corner..shocked a bit..he was alone at that time
i smiled

guess what he did?

stupid thing in his life...dammnn you...
p/s i even sometime told him that

he turned back.wondering i smiled someone behind him..
aiyyaa so silly..
suddenly a chinese guy..(not even cute, handsome, worst than a nerd guy)appeard..

in my heart..why such stupid..i never had a chinese guy in my life..even there, i never spoke to chinese, they just get along with their collegue...that guy was worst..look immature

he just walked by without any feeling..damn..why so hard to give such a signal..can't be friend with genius? never get close/get along with girl..

yeahh he moved to S.P after PMR..SM Hj Ibrahim.haaha..suddenly while chatting with a friend(my neighbour also), she told me that..
"ohh..that guy..hahaa..he went to my school Pokok naughty"
i guess it's not that worst..boys my elder brothers.. :p

i was stuck in the same for me :)
nothing much happen..just heard few rumor..he wear "lebai"..hahaa...ok.
well.seriously nothing much happen..he just mention that..will back to alor setar.his parent bought a house nearby..wooww..that house..who's lucky..:)

still be friend with her rumour..they just broke up..i think when i was form 5..after july..not sure which month after that..
errkk..what was going on?
i ask her..and come..why..answer..didn't suited well..
i was not that close to her ex-GF..taking advantage?no lah..
the truth was..
few time he sms me..he was very sad..he missed her..frust..he don't have anybody else..(i was a loner also,if only you knew)
how i felt?worse...broken heart..because of strange feeling in my heart..i just...try to be nice to her..

normal talking around girls..haha..
after SPM..suddenly he sms me.her mom just went an operation due to canser...OMG!
God Bless Her..she recovered soon..

I told her(his Ex)she was shocked..i didn't know whether they were still contacting each other or not
soon..i start my mission.testing her..sorry dear..i was testing you how much you love him..he deserve someone love him...i just giving up my feeling.looking for others...cause i was not worth for it..(stupid in add math,account,ugly,immature..etc)
want to know why?this guy..missing you a lot...
the way she talked...urrghhh...still didn't admit..why so hard for you to understand?
act nothing happened..the right word was..her ego was so..high...

i just..i wont said between both of them how to settle it..i just a 3rd party whos' not worth..

me..been dating with his friend..but i bring my little brother(3 of us)..trying to find the suitable't suit at all..good as a friend such feeling..i guess he likes trying to make him(my fiance now) jealous..even a bit..aiyyaa.that such feeling..ignored me..keep searching my BF..dush dusshh dushh if only i can shot you..feel like he don't like me..i gived up!

even date with adik angkat (how to say in English,is it adopt little brother)..hahaa...handsome tuh..erkk..but did't suited well..

got flying color..but enough for me..he..haha..good in calculating but not in biology..haha..
thought you wanna be a doc..i is good for you..i went to matriculation..his ex went to matriculation..he?he rejected matriculation offer..cause fall in love as an aircraft said nothing cause a friend of mine told me that,her brother(genius guy) went there..later can continue to oversea :)

time passed by..before that i received PLKN for 3rd batch..damn..postpone due to went to matriculation..yeah beebeehh..

there..i was trying hard to forgot the memories..i thought i can fine a nice guy..yeahh prince enough..haha..i became famous in the there..cute than before..i know how to dress well,make up a bit..haha..few target..sparepart?
er..i think yes it is...i have 4 option..yeahh..i won't tell's really kinda "kos lepas" in economy, mean 2nd option that you have to let go..but i have 4..haha..i still not dare enought to tell them..who am i to them..just an idiot..

the shadow..still there..oh God..what was that signal about..why.why why..i didn't understand..what is it caught in dilemma..huhuu..well actually i still praying God..give me a right guy for me..
but the shadow still there..

he,she,her..what left?me...i still wonder since previous previous previous year..what are these coincidence?Fate?birth date also almost same..haha..what is love?what are those?my mom notice my different..haha..which guy she hanged never told any prob or dilemma to mama..she thought a KL guy?..i knew she scared if somebody hurt me..don't worry..mama..

to be continued..

didn't get chance

didn't get chace to celebrate or wish directly..
due to..
early in the morning..he visit him at hostel that morning..
i was working that day..
just told mom to wish him only..


Surprise Party for Him

So..what do you expect?HIM?

pls..think positive.
this weekend is my lovely brother birthday..yeye so happy..he's grown up already..
i think wanna make a surprise party for him..kidnapped him from hostel :)
the rules mention every weekend can get back home..
yeahh the devil wear blue..

what kind of surprise..
i think..don't wish anything till evening..haha..
ofcourse i can see his sour face..haha..bad sister..

since he was little..we used to tease him with
all our family member gather to watch it till episode 4
that made him scared of doll..hahaaa..if he being naughty we called chucky..hahaa.. don't know how he feel..
er..episode 5..we didn't watch together..

i even sometime call him chucky..haha.
that was long time ago..

but now..
i bring him join my bikers club..not registered yet..
just to show him..
to study well..
work hard..
be a man..
to my little brother.. ur best in your life..
don't be others..
don't be pampered
be a gentlemen :)

what kind of surprise?
showering him with egg?
er..maybe my mom will scold us..

Correction aka pembetulan

how should i start..
straight to the point..
he just YM me just ..

'Pastikan anda menggunakan bahasa yang betul'
"basic pn dh banyak salah"

for me..
ok thanks dear..i english..still worse..huhu
adehh..kerisauan melanda diri..
my words like this.Like i'm talking to you..chit chat..
there's a " , " and pause..monologue..question mark..

and also he was asking who was 'her'..blablabla...
er..not everything i can reveal la..
and..saya berada dalam keadaan sgt beremosi..
cacamarba..tekanan..tulis ikut dan ja.. (tulis sesuka hati)xcheck ayat tunggang terbalik.
for your wording even in a conversation..always..kinda like that..
that my weakness..

will stop for awhile..have a kitkat..
how can i stay calm?
left few month to go...huuhu..
i can feel people will laugh at me..later..if i don't take action..


We meet Again-Episode 2

After the bicycle stuff..yeahh..grown up to be teenager..
er..still not managed dreaming in da same schooll..after UPSR..he got more got 4A 1B

different school.he went to male college..i went to girl college..opp by this time..he got a brother..haha..
hhaaha in his house..

he and his father always took him sight-seeing..i got on eyes on you bebeh..kihkihkih..gatei.. :p

what happen ya..i just couldn't remember much this time..sorry guys..
out of the blue..just found out..that Mala is his best friend..haha..funny isn't it..
cause in my mind..i always see friend will last together as lovers..
sorry...that's what i was thinking about..well.if somebody said it's nothing..
i's nothing..

opp remember back..form 3..hehe..the devils wear school uniform..
never thought we went the same tuition at Taman err a moment trying to recall.near Taman Rimba..Prima or Premier?don't know...oh no..why that tough mathematic question you can easily answer are genius man..

you make me..('_') and Sinbad..the only smksb there..haha..she said.that's your boyfriend..
i can i?
i was stupid..idiot..not cute..with pimples..erkk..
not rich..

gossip..rumour..haha..telling me that he likes me..haha..
were you kidding me?
well..i did something crazy.yeah..
over my father dead body..
sorry dear..
i mention to his best friend..i have another guy..
huhuu..i was very sad to say..i like..
by this time also..i have personel problems..nobody knew..
i can't tell anyone seriously..even BFF
even it hurt..well..silence is better..
it was the biggest one in my's not about friends
i was looking the sunshine inside's blurry..
yeah..teary eyes..every moment..

soon..i heared..his with someone..
ok..but who..
after research..oh no..not her..please..
someone i knew..don't you have anybody else?..
why such a give up.and corward..
yeah his a good boy..never stole others one..
i wish you are happy :)
i thought he would say something..

before that stupid words..he gave me something..
yeyeee..i like.thanks dear..really appriciate it..
huhu i loose him..
yeah life must go man allowed in my life..

new world new technologies.. his no..from his best friend.i told her don't told him.. :)
the devils wore a veil..
he still stick with's ok..i friend..
trying to be friendly..
wanna have a male friend.. :p

1 miss call
2 miss call..
3 miss call..haha
well.there's a lot
(i remember now,i asked him,what happen when i did that?he said his parent wondering who disturbing their hero..haha.but he don't know)
pity him..wondering who did that..
i sent sms to tell him out from the house..
then find someone with a gray scarf..
he went out..i was hiding behind a lorry..

haha..i dumped you.. :p..
laugh to die.
ok..enough toying him..
sent was me..near you..haha..
he a call..
oh no..i'm scared to answer it..ok i pickup up.. way i was nervous...
soon..his family moved to S.P..huhu missed it..
well soon..i heard he changed to another school for the 2nd time..haha.not far from me..yeah..

life goes on just like that..only few time i sms him..
i don't want to interupt he & her..
nothing much..
to be continued :)

Version 2

Forget old story..i used to live in a a moment
"oh no...scary,sad,damn,frustation",but
in just few minutes.i have to change my mood to is tough?..
er..i used to be customer service officer..answering call..wallaa..
so i get used to it..even just awhile..still need to polish my skill..wooo
well learning that help me a lot..we are human..wonderful..
still lucky compare to war zone..scary..heart beat fastly..over dead body..

let's start a new chapter after "How Do We Meet"
er..later ok..i just started to write it..but not posting it yet..

life must go on..
live life to the fullest..
no pain no gain

i see sunshine shining brightly in the sky,
wind blow smoothly,
with a smell of roses and jasmine,
such a colourful painting.

opp..short poem by me..
last time..i love to make a poem..
this new entry... patient ok..
regarding my wedding preparation..still under arrangement..
already bought inner dress..that turtleneck my last..but the price..
er..i just close my eyes and paid it Sogo..where the sell Malaysian dress
last month went to KL..with parent..sorry late update..
day 2..i got high..cause me headache..luckily my friend was there to help
my mom choose curtain at nilai 1..

nilai 1 is great..the design are marvellous.. :)

here..i promote the shop that we went..
the price are reasonable..even few artist went there haha..
if you can see who it is..stick on the wall behind the cashier
my friend is their regular customer discount..cause i'm promoting it on my blog..

so..please do not hesitate to contact them ok..they have front door and back door.
location NILAI 1 only.


Sorry guys...since this week i've been thinking.searching for ideas and solution..thinking about problem occur..i need a backup idea..fuh..looking for photographers and makeup..backup ok..already ask few quotation..still in discussing..already got limited budget..

and then..another old story come out..a bit happy la..already met..
er skype with alma matter..childhood friend, Lucia Sazbanova..
miss her and them a lot.

and I just found few old friend, Fiza Markali, Hanis, etc..hehe..

and..just found out..old enemy..also will found the other damn..
dammnnn..still thinking..what is the best words..
because of high school life miserable..damn..damn..damn...^&%*

i still wonder why she did that to fact..during her difficulty..
i'm the one she's looking the time she get easy, she ignored me..
is it a physical look also main prob?oohh pls..
even i am thin and are chubby..always in sweat...nenenenee
luckily no body odour.fuhh
your arrogant..damn
is it just because of my status..normal person..humble..
so that you can put your hand on me?
i know i am not that rich..
just because i was to soft innocent look..childlish look...
well, i take this word..when i am 40,i look like 30..but you, 40 is 50..hahaa..:p

but thanks for that..i become wiser than you..i got a degree..but you..hhaahaa..
i even got a gentlemen in my life..
you loser...

later i'll talk about another person..still not met her yet..
i named her 'snake'..she's trying to act clever..
but i bet her at last.i got better than her in SPM..just because 
she was stingy in giving knowledge to others in need..
wanna know what she did to me?
she gathered friend..she stole my best friend..damn it..
even my best friend ignored me..
i lost friend..i live alone..all by myself..
make me..stronger than before..
so lonely..i have nobody..
i don't like much being friend with girl..phobia..
men? can i?my school is all girls..
not dare enough to make friend with boys(daddy not allowed me)

forgot to say..i just knew all the truth after 2 week finished my SPM..
all the mastermind person in charge..damn it!

now..hehe..i am still the same person..more ladies a bit..
bullied?i can avoid it now..but my words are more lovely..
more careful with friend
well..i am better than before..
stronger?a bit..will be strong enough when my man is by my side :)
still bringing up my confident..
my alma matter used to say..D'lla..CONFIDENT!..
ok girl..i take that words to the higher level..
er..hard for me a bit..cause..i used to be humble person..shy..hehe.
but at a time..i become rude also due to some situation

if something happen that might insure my situation.i will stand up!

the end..
this entry kinda damn..

1st How do We Met?

Well, i've always been do you guys met? answer..long story actually..well..the date already announce..i will reveal it bit by bit..

readers,if you love to read short here it is..
I was born on 6 Oct. 1986..2.50am-Hospital Besar Alor Setar
He was born on 6 May 1986..on..i don't know-in KL

is it a coincidence?

i've know him for 17years old..but he know me for about 9years old

yeahh it is..
that time..still living in Taman Bee Bee Park..this place still exist..hehe..i was chubby..white, naughty?haha...
Late Tok Bibi and her forgot her's already past away 2years ago.. were my parents working..imagine 6 of us..they have to take care..haha...quite tough..last time surrounding is much safer..than time only 6..but now..we are younger brother was born on's fun have a brother..not only me making noise in da house

he?i don't know..never met yet.. :P

at the age of 5..move to Taman Rakyat Mergong..till are among the earlier neighbour stay there.. play sibling went to school..MakCik Gayah is my nanny..
yeahh i love to play with home, my 2 elder brother always babysit me..ngehngehngeh..i'm not kind a ladies girl..haha...i even sometime slept with them..until one day..
how can you guys...huhhuuuu..told me that horror story.. a ghost without head..damn..pretty scary..
told my mom said nothing..i slept in our parent room..
always play outside house at noon..last time.the weather was no that very hot right now..

Mak Cik Gayah was my nanny..everybody adore me...haha.i wonder..maybe im just the only little girl hyperactive one there..

6 years old..went to Taska Masjid Zahir..our cloth..haha..funny..wether you was a boy or girl.. our uniform was a short sleeve shirt, purple and skirt..hehe..suit me gang?only 2 girls and the other 3,boys..haha..tomboy..short hair..but when performing on stage..turn into a princess..hikhikkhikkk...
singing "Ulik Mayang" da leader.our sleeve...kahkahkah..thinking about it..on that day..sore throat..damn..cause by my elders brother..teased me+horror story..
hehe..I shaked hand with Sultan Kedah..during our graduate..yihaa..once in a lifetime
this is Sultan Kedah and late Sultanah Bahiyah
and this is our current Sultanah Kedah,Sultanah Haminah
ok..While i was at my nanny house at 6yr old..found a boy..cute soccer..ehehee..would love to play with him..actually our home is just right the house on da left,his on right...
damn..he ignored matter how close i am to him..yeahh i love to play with boys..already asked him..remember me or not..he said, No..well,i'll make him remember me for the rest of his life..

is it a coincidence?i don't know..i feel something..but i don't know what it is..i'm still a kid
my old bike is blue in color..

hmm..then..not remember which age..we meet again..i think around 8-10 yr old...i love cycling in da morning and happen few time..haha..he stil da same guy..ignore me..but this time..he put his eye on me..yeye..i asked him last time..he said..he don't remember..that's men..hmm..

and with 2 tyre..also in blue..hehe..

well..wait untill next love story...

The Date..

To all my close readers, i am inviting you to my wedding on 3rd July 2010..
please email me, for reservation and confirmation.

i am looking my alma matter :
1. SMK Sultanah Bahiyah 1999-20003
2. Perlis Matriculation College 2004/2005 Accounting
3. Universiti Sains Malaysia-especially School Of Arts-2005-2008

please contact me back.Thank you.

ohh..before i forgot..
my wedding theme would be : Javanese
color theme : magenta
er..ooppp oohh..that's sexy..not that one ok
but kinda this one..haha..more small's copyright resrvd to photo
 and here it goes..magenta..this color is bright..-brave-unique-different-mystery

well, the reason i choose javanese theme cause my father is original javanese..but my mom is da different from a malay..malay origin..hmm..i also not sure..well..from what i know south east asia is very unique..
in fact,my elder brother, brother no. 2 and sister 2..during their wedding day last time, normal malay tradition..kinda boring if it go all the same..haha..

as for his side..hehe..east met west..
wow..oopp not fit my body..i am thin and short
wow this post is amazing..
my fiance love this gown..hehe..i guess if i wear this.hhaahaa..who's that small little girl..if i stand alone that fine..but i am standing beside him..imagine an apple with a obvious right..haha..'s normally muslimah wedding dress ok..

thanks for reading..


 wahh is it lovely..more pic.
is it great to be in it?..more
and again the frog appear..hhuuuhu..
resting a bit..i fallen ill.2days MC.due to..lack of vit, dehydration, stress, frust..haha..
got scold by my Doc..need to put on weight..fuhh..i'm easy to lost my weight..haha
last week and this week is the busy time for night, trying hard to fin my design..fuhh..
later i update what i've done..
opp linkin here
forget the crazy by britney spears..hehe


here i list down..the thing i have to find:

1.inner turtleneck white sleeve to wear for wedding..(hard to find my size,anyone-help me,please)

2.extra wedding card-already book 200page for vip
3.bedroom design-still searching suitable material,budget
4.flower for hantaran/souvenier
5.potpouri perfume from lovely lace
6.lamp..i always joking with little sofea.lampu(speaking mat salleh ckp melayu)
7.paint wall-looking the right color for wall..
8.curtain-for sliding door,window,doors
10.still didn't book makeup-hard to get her answer the phone

Happy Mood

Yihaaa..back again..just wait guys..
i will update soon before the end this weekend..
Good News & invitation for u
i am tired a bit..too many stuff need to settle..
seem like my fiance is not here...i'm split into two..haha..
rest for awhile..i am still working..hehe..
resting my many design ideas just out..
haha...actually nothing is free in this world..fuh..unless very famous people(sponsor)
i have divided all my saving to 6..

1.ring dress
3.hantaran (souvenier)
4.Visa (very important-i only pay GBP145 fees for application,and more info british embassy)
5.saving after wedding (before i got job in Wales)
6.medical checkup (preparation for wedding & travel)

the frog appear again..err photographer..i'm lack of money.already calculate from the begining..
mostly start RM500 for wedding and there any, just taking picture without printing?only CD?
i have few option photogrphers that i known..some of them are nice,wow,amazing..some are new and talented..and some need to improve more..but the price....i am still not afford..

maybe some of you will say..why not asking parent,sibling..well the fact's not that..this are the things i try to avoid..i have my own private reason..before and after already think..i only can tell them..i don't have enough money for that..all my budget are economy budget..ekonomoney..haha..
if only i have a twin..hikhikhik got FOC..pic last forever la..huhu..
i'll try find another way.last time..during my elder brother wedding..i'm the cameragirl.but in this blog,i only post for my friend solemnization click sample

thanks for reading..if u have any idea,just let me know..emel & YM: