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kelmarin kami photoshoot di
Pantai Murni..

mendung n windy skit..
in the end..tak dapat sunset.. time ada lg :)

karektor kami berdua..
haha haha hhaahaa

ofcourse photographer kami senang dengan kami...
aksi kami gegila..
eden..hantam saja la...
be natural..that's me..
selalu laki xda masalah..
kena tunggu dapat CD la nanti..
lepas wedding..haha
rasa kelmarin macam adegan bollywood..

baju eden pakai..
rambu ramba..
ok la tu..sebab tema belah dia english..hehe..
tu pun sebelum petang tu..eden dh letih sangat..
belah pagi-tengah hari..bersiap hantaran,kemas itu ini..
meletihkan...telan vitamin..fuhh lega sikit..

ohh tidakk lupa nak bagitau,..
xdapat pi spa massage..huuuhhuu..
esok xtau la..rehat kot.

sambung balik...
hehe..cuaca awan yg terpilu.,
memang cantik..
cadang nak pi dekat pulau dayang bunting jalan kaki 5km..

kira aritu asyik nak nyanyi awan yang terpilu

er..bila habis tu..
tengok gambar balik..
macam raksasa dengan pelanduk..haha
ye la..
eden 147.5 cm  dia 179cm..
jodoh pertemuan di tanganNya..

hari ni 3helai baju nak kena try..xsabo nak pakai baju nikah & baju kawen..

jya ne..
c ya

Woo..pack day

segalanya bermula esok..
those who read in english..please get a translator..:)

busy day..
bermula ambil gambar..haha..
rambut tunangku akan dipotong..esok consult dengan Ally :)
hope he make him more kawaii-comel-
observe only..give some ideas..
cadang nak buat juga treatment rambut,trim rambut hujung..huuhu..
x dapat gak..

isnin..wat photoshoot punya la jauh..fuhh..
kat mana?sat nk ingat..pelupa tetiba
tepi pantai..
tanjung dawai?pantai merdeka?
aku pelupa..sorry..nanti akan update

dari pagi-malam..haha.. konsep..konsep dating la..kan best..buat sesuatu yang kita selalu buat bersama masa dating..
makan..sedap..wayang..dah setahun x pergi..
kejap nak gelak...
ayat ku skema..:P

test 3pasang baju..hehe..
i like..

sesuatu merunsingkan..
bila nak buat bilik..huhu..
sikit ja..xbanyak..fuhh..
harap sempat..

c ya..
later ok..after finish my wedding..
lepas wedding i have more free time..
surirumah.suami pergi training..haha



my checlist

1.fitting 3 dresses on 29th :),G glamour(nikah) & Kak Ct(wedding)
at 1st nak sruh kak ct jer wat smua..end up dia ada kenduri arwah.. huhu
3.inai - don't know who,dh ask..byk xreti & xberani..2x5=10 5x2=10 :P
kalo kedai..adehh terbang lg fulus..xjimat gak
5.hantaran-baru siap 4..haha..lg 7 buat lepas kenduri perempuan..fuhh letih eden
6. kek-esok nk order
7.bunga tangan-bila mau order itu macha?
8.katering & kanopy-done Mas katering & kanopy,sedara sendiri :) tu pun last minute abah yg decide..fuhh
9.bilik-next week baru buat :)
10.bunga-bunga katil xbuat lg..
11.curtain-lusa kak siti ku pulang utk jahit..aritu ada org nk tlg..end up last minute dia xfree..huuhuu
12.bunga side table-done
13.sirih-lg 3hari kenduri belah laki kn p beli sirih & tempah
14.facial+lentik bulu mata-kalo esok free nk p buat..jerawat dh naik huhu
15.massage-maybe lusa nk p buat :)kasi segar
16.jumpa tok week bila dia free
17.check attendence-geng moto ramai xconfirm lg..huhu..aritu siap tanya lagi..kenduri eden bila..
janji eden dh jemput..fuhh..
jgn siam sampai kenduri xmai..
18.tdo-cukupkan tdo..
19.A Handycam?


after few little things happened

God help me..thank you Allah..
for giving me..people around me who love me..
support me..

yeahh it make me become more stronger..

being mature..than childlish..haha
i don't know..
i am not perfect..
i am in between..
well after this i need to practise talking in English..haha
mother's tounge..hikhikkhiikk
later i will try to a google translator..
it's not just..hmm hard to say..
to many people around the world read my blog silently..hehe..

it's ok..
later i teach you a bit..
our language
i am getting busy..fuhh


i don't know why
why it is happened
if you just want to test me
it's ok
i will try my best
just to show my faith to you
and i will never give up
till the end of my life

day by day
i feel like i am closer to you
what a very good feeling
is this the sign you gave to me?
i just started to think
what else i should do
what would happened to them
are they gonna miss me
how's my love?
hope that he will past it

this teary eyes
this loneliness
this anger
the voice within
the sorrow
the laughter

it is so complicated
it's hard to describe in words
this is such a wonderful world
is it still enough time for me to breathe again

above just a..whatever not a song..
enjoy this version from papa rock..Ramli Sarip

One,another one,the other one..

i have some argument..

then another one
i hate that letter i received this late evening..
 that idiot system really annoying..already settled 2years ago..
suddenly ask me to report myself..
i have to force myself went to the post office..
& this night..i feel something..
kebas lorr..huhu
er..due to..some medicine i took..

the other one
i was given a very limited time till this saturday
to find a house..

ANYbody can help me?
my future husband will have training at Subang Airport from
17 July 2010 - 10 Sept 2010 
we would like to rent a small house..a house or apartment from july-september
the price between RM0-RM700
 a basic stove,fridge and washing machine is a must..
just the 2 of us only..
by this time i can't go to KL..only after our wedding
but my cousin live near KL..he also don't know that area..
if we have contact,we will send him there

if you have some info..let me know

thank you. feeling..
hmm..hope it won't worst..but the fact is feeling bad,awful..

i forgot to mention..
my make-up for solemnization..have to find another person..
aiyyaa..dush dushhdush..banghead

already got chestpain at nite..due to stress
already take a breeze..

:) :) :)

fuh..his arrival..
hard for me to say in words..priceless moment..
well..almost teary eyes..
don't want it happen..fuhh..

missing him a lot..hehe..
so happy..
on that day also..

birthday boy..
the only brother he has..
Nabil Amri..sweet 14..haha
later..kinda busy and tired today..

went to religous office to register our solemnization..
luckily have a person to help us..fuhh..
if not,it won't settle..

tomorrow will off to penang again..haha..
craving the ring and buy a shoe :)

i'll update few photos later..
it's in his DSLR..

c ya then...:P



very vey very..

he will be back..
my driver..
opp marah dia nanti..
my fiance will be back in few hours:)

this to penang...

Need Help

I am looking a house to rent near Subang Airport, KL
starting from
17 July 2010 - 10 Sept 2010
the price between RM0-RM600 husband will have on-job training there..
then will fly back to UK to further his study
we don't mind a small house..just the 2 of us only..
if possible..i am also looking a part time job..

if you have some info..let me know

thank you.

Last Week

Hi there..last week went to KL and Nilai 3...
fuhh...didn't found that carnation..huhuu..event went to SSF at jalan tar..sad a choice but to change to other type of flower..

and..on monday last last day as an assistant :)
i am no longer working there...focusing on my wedding and as a wife..yeahh..isn't it lovely :)

as for today..adehh..period pain..huhuu..can't attend my blogger friend..huhu..
and the weather here..rain..and not rain..and rain..

and the most important thing is..
my fiance will reach home in 3days!!!!

yeah..a lot of thing have to do..
register with religous officer
meet the doctor
fit his ring..bought my shoe :)
fitting wedding cloth
finalised wedding souvenier..

aiya..have to wait..cinema.."Lagenda Budak Setan" nak tengokkkk!!!!
er..seriously..almost 1year...i didn't went to cinema..why?
who else want to bring me there?
nobody ..only love..haha..

hmm.there's 1 thing annoying me...
when i was in kl..there a call..from someone..i never knew...
that 346%$%&$&474 call at 1am..damn..hard for me to fall asleep back..damn it..
i don't have enough sleep..
and while writing this..that person call me..cilaka punya orang..a guy..said want to talk to shidah..
poyo..i told him..there's no shidah here..he's asking me..who?

oh please..i am not revealing anything..just told wrong person..end the call..
kalo org kata salah org tu.salah la..punnniaamaa punya sial...
fuh.tgk aku dh maki dah..

hmm..resting..tomorrow..need to settle few thing yeahh..
wonder where to go?hmm...
that's all for now..thank you for lending your time :)
cheers :)


really..soryy..can't update internet line..suck..hampeh..sial...

once ok..i write bit by bit