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Testimoni Noni


Since young age,i started take pills for my allergy rhinitis+sinus(resdung).
Every morning, sneezing very bad+flu+chest pain..almost 10 sheet of tissue every morning..
Usually i take 1 pills at nite for allergy and 1 pill in the morning for flu. 2x30days=60pills..fuhh
I've tried avoid the pills, but i can't..i have to take it..i also try other pills which is illegal,
at 1st my father thought it is ok,sooner found out when we when another pharmacy,because my condition getting worst due to not taking pills for few months..then continue back with the DR. prescription..I'm bored taking pills already since small...arrghhh..When i became teenager, the pills didnt take body against the pills.always running nose...i started to stop it..also tried the traditional one, but still the same..but not that worst..then i quit pills for a long time..only take it when getting worst and fever..when i was in the University, i took scoot emulsion, the flu still the same..i quit..but i've never give up to cure it..last month, i took capsule coconut virgin oil,at 1st i'ts ok,then..back to normal,flu+sneezing....huhu..

started last week,my father suggest to try few days, amazing...the flu is getting better..
i feel much more bad running nose+worst sneezing in the morning.. alhamdulillah..feeling nose dry..hehe sleep well


Abah has high blood pressure since he reach the age of 40's..always headache.also tried DR. presciption..and also traditional..the taste is 10times bitter than pills..but the smell are nice..and also biospray which is priceless..still the same..he also have gout,gastric,constipated (sembelit)..poor my dad..but he is a strong man..he also tried the local noni(mengkudu) juice(water+noni).. still the same..and last month,his friend introduce noni..he tried..after a week,he feel much better..he already tried 2 happy he's getting father already lose his weight about 3kg. after 2months from aug 2009.

A Doktor from Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar also suggest & give his patient who suffer Diabetes. 

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