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One,another one,the other one..

i have some argument..

then another one
i hate that letter i received this late evening..
 that idiot system really annoying..already settled 2years ago..
suddenly ask me to report myself..
i have to force myself went to the post office..
& this night..i feel something..
kebas lorr..huhu
er..due to..some medicine i took..

the other one
i was given a very limited time till this saturday
to find a house..

ANYbody can help me?
my future husband will have training at Subang Airport from
17 July 2010 - 10 Sept 2010 
we would like to rent a small house..a house or apartment from july-september
the price between RM0-RM700
 a basic stove,fridge and washing machine is a must..
just the 2 of us only..
by this time i can't go to KL..only after our wedding
but my cousin live near KL..he also don't know that area..
if we have contact,we will send him there

if you have some info..let me know

thank you. feeling..
hmm..hope it won't worst..but the fact is feeling bad,awful..

i forgot to mention..
my make-up for solemnization..have to find another person..
aiyyaa..dush dushhdush..banghead

already got chestpain at nite..due to stress
already take a breeze..

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