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Last Week

Hi there..last week went to KL and Nilai 3...
fuhh...didn't found that carnation..huhuu..event went to SSF at jalan tar..sad a choice but to change to other type of flower..

and..on monday last last day as an assistant :)
i am no longer working there...focusing on my wedding and as a wife..yeahh..isn't it lovely :)

as for today..adehh..period pain..huhuu..can't attend my blogger friend..huhu..
and the weather here..rain..and not rain..and rain..

and the most important thing is..
my fiance will reach home in 3days!!!!

yeah..a lot of thing have to do..
register with religous officer
meet the doctor
fit his ring..bought my shoe :)
fitting wedding cloth
finalised wedding souvenier..

aiya..have to wait..cinema.."Lagenda Budak Setan" nak tengokkkk!!!!
er..seriously..almost 1year...i didn't went to cinema..why?
who else want to bring me there?
nobody ..only love..haha..

hmm.there's 1 thing annoying me...
when i was in kl..there a call..from someone..i never knew...
that 346%$%&$&474 call at 1am..damn..hard for me to fall asleep back..damn it..
i don't have enough sleep..
and while writing this..that person call me..cilaka punya orang..a guy..said want to talk to shidah..
poyo..i told him..there's no shidah here..he's asking me..who?

oh please..i am not revealing anything..just told wrong person..end the call..
kalo org kata salah org tu.salah la..punnniaamaa punya sial...
fuh.tgk aku dh maki dah..

hmm..resting..tomorrow..need to settle few thing yeahh..
wonder where to go?hmm...
that's all for now..thank you for lending your time :)
cheers :)

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