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i don't know why
why it is happened
if you just want to test me
it's ok
i will try my best
just to show my faith to you
and i will never give up
till the end of my life

day by day
i feel like i am closer to you
what a very good feeling
is this the sign you gave to me?
i just started to think
what else i should do
what would happened to them
are they gonna miss me
how's my love?
hope that he will past it

this teary eyes
this loneliness
this anger
the voice within
the sorrow
the laughter

it is so complicated
it's hard to describe in words
this is such a wonderful world
is it still enough time for me to breathe again

above just a..whatever not a song..
enjoy this version from papa rock..Ramli Sarip

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