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another happy part.
this cutie little girl..saturday nite..
with a bluurryy look at 1st
managed to see his future Uncle
haha..well..she likes my spaghetti..yang xberapa jadi..haha
as usual..
hard to hear her voice..
they only way to hear voice is..
make her become mad..haha..
out of mind, right

see that cute one..haha..
i let her listened japanese piece - binks no sake
her reaction..not that crazy..

turn to
justin bieber-pick me..
woo..she like a bit..

thats all..
whose that litte girl?
sofea 1 and half years old..
my sister daughter

1 Response to Heppi?

24 Mei 2010 4:54 PTG

hello cute little sofea! =)

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