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What Make Me Happier? i realise something precious in me..

few certain things..i just realise..


1st thing is..

me and scoot when to office and back from office:)
the feeling are great..
with lovely old scoot..karisma
er..normal speed ok..
i can't reach 100km./h..not,bikes,lorries,buses

2nd things..

my fiance will be back in 2weeks..
can't wait to meet him..
i wonder whether he gain weight again..erkk
already warn him..can't gain weight..not enough time to alter his dress
me..hard to gain weight..i just.give up?a bit..
later i gain weight..haha

3rd things

im getting married!!!
1month to go..
opp appoinment with doctor..didn't make it yet..
damn..internet banking..slow..failed to top up..adehh.. 

4th things

can't wait to deco wedding souvenier aka hantaran
yeah bebehh..hope i found that carnation..
i just found something..
wonder whose the dealer in malaysia
fresh flower with modern technologies it will last long 3years
is it lovely...
i want it..

5th things
what is it?
hope the visa when well..
will fly to UK in September..yeye..

2 Response to What Make Me Happier?

24 Mei 2010 1:47 PTG

bestnya nk kawen dh die..
nk further study kt UK ke beb..

24 Mei 2010 3:50 PTG

kalo nk dtg kndri..emel k..
folo hubby ke UK..:)

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