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Old Story

Right fiance just finished his 1st exam..
i exam was very tough compare last sem..
his senior also, repeat the same paper..
don't worry..he already try his best..
luck will come with us..

back to the story..

old story..when the picture was taken?
can't remember..that time..
we just be together..different right?
still remember..when i walk beside him..
other girls..smiling to him..yeahh they thought i was his little sister..
it happen many times..ohh noo...sabo ja la..
feeling jealous?anger?

why..there's a time he put his eye to them..
yeah..the girls are lovely..beautiful..
okay..i get used to it after that..
that guy is mine..why should worried..

dear darling..i miss u..ganbatte!
get back home safely..

4 Response to Old Story

Tanpa Nama
13 Mei 2010 11:39 PG

gatal sungguh those other girls looking at ur fiance. habaq depa: GO FIND UR OWN! STOP STARING AT MINE! :)

13 Mei 2010 12:36 PTG

garangnye..hehe..apa la yg eden wat dlu?
marah dia..jalan terus..merajuk..eden balas balik..usya mamat dia tau.seksanya..
hahaaa..tobat xbuat dh..

erk..there's a time..dia suka tgk yg stokin panjang..aduhh..sabo ja la..
kenkdg mmg natural laki suka tgk..hmmm

20 Mei 2010 12:17 PG

banyak kan bersabar...korang dua memang sama sweet:)

20 Mei 2010 9:47 PG

thanks sis:)
mcm abg ngn adik..haha..
ntah..selamba ja la skrng ni..a wife n husband to be.. :D

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