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To all my readers,my family,my uncles,aunties,cousins,Tomodachi(Friends),Biking friends,my alma matter, my Long Lost Friend-Marhafizah Markali a.k.a chester a.k.a bun a.k.a fizz etc..(where are you?)

the expected Date of our Solemnization : 2nd July 2010
our wedding,my side : 3rd July 2010
his wedding side : 10th July 2010
if not we are planning on's not school holiday..and it's not public holiday for Kedah State..

err..the date maybe will change..coz..depend on procuders with Majlis Agama Islam Kedah and my fiance arrival from Heathrow,London -KL maybe around 15/16 July 2010..
Hope everything go smoothly..He also need to fulfill HIV test,Fitting cloth, looking for my shoe for souvenier, yeye...oh my God!..i am getting nervous..

hope it can be the end of june coz..i am so worried about getting the visa..huhu..argghhh..the requirement..the apply visa must at least 3months before departure..+ it gonna be a long queue..coz other international will be back to renew/apply visa..Passport?already done..hehe..

we expect to fly from Malaysia to Heathrow,London on 18th September 2010..sayonara Malaysia..huhu..gona miss everybody here..almost 3months to collect especially..hehe..

our honeymoon..err..not sure yet..if enough time and money..will go somewhere..a lot of money to be spent for preparation wedding and visa is under student coz i am following my husband whom is a student, University of Glamorgan ,it's in Wales..near Cardiff...

then..right now, i can start to look for job..i can work there without any problem,already ask the visa officer. What kind of work i can fit in?waitress?salesperson?cashier?floor engineer(tukang sapu)?
wash the dishes?err wonder about my english..still not that fluent enough..fuhh as long as i am willing to improve my english and understand their dialect...imagine that cute girl Emma Watson in Harry Potter..the way their dialect is like that a bit..depend on person also..

Halal food is not a problem..there's a muslim people around us..from Pakistan,etc..don't know yet the situation hheehee..not much muslim girl there..fuhh..

Eheemm..i will be surrounded by new brothers..or boys..wahh..i gona have so many brothers..

oh not to i gona adapt that cold weather?er..that's my fiance..during's snowy..actually it's their during other season..but in gona be hot..not that hot..but not gone be 30 degrees..hehe..somebody told me..during summer..everbody wearing colorful dress..

that place is take about 3hours from london..kind a from Ipoh to car or's not a busy place like london...hehe..still cheap and affordable..

thank you for your time..readers..

2 Response to Annoucement

16 Februari 2010 8:39 PG

wow...sudh ade tarikh...slmt wt persiapan menuju ur big day...nk kad ye nnt...he3...time tu dh kawin...bley blk kampung n attend ur big day...**x malu kn saye x ajk, tp sebok2 plak...

16 Februari 2010 9:20 PG

tgh confirm date nk invite my reader..hehe..orait jer..wait the invitation nnti

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