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Ride Again

On 14 Feb 2010..went wedding ride at Kg. Tanjung Inggeris,Langgar..It's our biking member, Mutanic a.k.a Hafiz..enjoy da pics..edited version.copy from them..haha..RV (review point) Tol Utara Alor Setar at 12pm

peace..i feel ackward a bit...hehe coz i am full time with my scoot is not good enough through the villagers's more..stone..pasir(aiya..i forgot in English again)er..i am scared of those.coz last year a week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri i fallen from scoot due to that..still dare to challenge now..fuhh.leaving me a mark..damn.. brother got nag..don't trust the audible.. he was a pillion to Fireblade..hehe..later i don't know....
that we call Silat..a Malay traditional self-defense
 2nd pit stop, Abg Din cream malaysia..that was original cows' milk with flavour..yuummyy...they give a name..nyot nyot susu lembu..hikhikhik..feel like a kid again..on the table were cucur pisang, cucur ubi, betik(aiya i forgot in english),watermelon, watermelon juice and corn..
and to me is Nabil..
anata..hurry get back my driver..hehe
thanks readers..

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