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I Saw Snacht-Theft

On da say goodbye to my sis,Ct,before leaving to look for that time we were just in front of the Masjid Jamek, Jalan Masjid India..suddenly we heard.."Pencuri!-snacth theft..just right from the corner..only 50m from us..suddenly there's a guy came from our back..flying kick the motorcycle to stop them..almost crash an MPV next to it..fallen down..both of them just stole around 20pieces of cheap textile..damn.idiots!!stupid!!.. got beaten by peoples there..

what a shocked guys..just in front of us..if we move forward,ofcourse we would got injured..fuuhh..only 20m from us..scared a sis..she's scared..teary eyes..there's auntie asking wether she was the victim or not..
no la..she was teary coz have to say goodbye to my la akak aku manja.. =)..err..we are different characaters..i am naughty..childlish look..manja?.. : p

the situation getting hot for around 5minutes..the victim..the people..fighting...quarreled...then there's an old men ask them to stop hitting them a let the police solved it..eewww..the snacth theft almost get hit with a helmet..auww..

after they clear the road..we walk through looking for taxi..can't see what happen inside the police station..fuhhh..there were people spying from the window..

and again..we were safe..fuhh..

2 Response to I Saw Snacht-Theft

10 Februari 2010 12:35 PG

Hope u dont intend to catch the thief,,,,,,,,btw thanks for drop by at my blog.

11 Februari 2010 9:35 PG

huhu..scary u knw..i just wonder..if im the freezing or catch and kiss his **** haha

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