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Our Hotel.. 
Citin Hotel Masjid Jamek
Lot No 7, Seksyen 33, Jalan Melayu,
Off Jalan Masjid India 50100 Kuala Lumpur

it's just next to the Masjid India Mosque
our room..+extra bed only RM35..
er..the rate..RM90per nite+taxes..(book early at click Agoda)
opp sorry..don't have much time to snap's from main web for more view
it's our budget.can spend on shopping =) even though it kind a's enough for us..this hotel don't provide car park & booking only online..can't walk in..always full..

we reached late 20:00pm..dinner friends pick up n my family ok..not dating!..last time he offer me free ride .1st time i met him..who is him?my biking My Friend
went dinner at Bangsar..i love this nite it's so peace..the place..nice..price?Nasi Paprik on cost other hotspot places like KL Sentral, RM7 above..i used to be there last year..miss da time actually..haha..opp..the restaurant is in front of Balai Bomba Pantai Dalam,near Universiti Malaysia..

damn..tired..i can't sleep that's been 2nite i can't sleep.oh flu..have a pity on me...
Saturday morning...jengjengjengg...yihaa..marathon shopping..hehe..looking for foundation from India..The bollywood makeup artist use last long..
then..went to Jakel at Jalan Bunus.. mom..she's always confious..seem like don't have my time..i have to..speak out..what kind of textile u want?bla bla bla..the last got one..hikhikhik..i am fine with it..the budget last my mom got the price..hmm..then went to Sogo..yihaa..looking for it..kinda hard a bit to find the suitable one with my budget..damn..give up already..the looking for the other one..with my mom help..i also almost give up looking for it..the budget..n size..fuhh..dear darling..hard to find urs..haha..luckily..found one..fuhh..

oh forgot to Beruang Kutub aka BK..he's getting married this March..with his for his wedding day..he invited have to go..hope enough budget..fuhh..

went to lunch behing maybank at Jalan Masjid India..then back to hotel for awhile..i need to prepare cloth n went to sogo back..looking for another things and for myself..haha..i bought..3 pairs of cost..not more than RM32 per piece..n a tshirt..i thought wana buy a purse..hmm.later la..not interested..waahhh handbag..damn..nice need to buy..he already bought 1..thanks dear darling =)

next.still enough time..went tp Torkuaz..i love it's scaf n veil..hmm..wonder which one to buy..later again i came back bring the macthing color..then looking for my mom n sis at semua house..i avoid the Pasar don't like my cloth have a smell of food...waaa..just survey some taxi came..i book Executive Taxi...hehe..once in a's not that priceless la..the traffic was clear and smooth..i have Bladers Anniversary Dinner the 4th..noboby known it's my arrival..haha..take a look a girl with a white sling handbag and black skirt..

a last..i meet Sis Dila..when i am in KL..she help me a lot..she's single..ehemm promote skit..jangan marah sis...nnti ada wrinkle..

seem my eyes are bigger..haha be time has the end at 5pm..

2 Response to Arrival

2 Februari 2010 2:06 PG sakan tuhhhh...

2 Februari 2010 9:20 PG

a sakan..tu pun kejar masa...xsempat nk beli yg duitku..lari budget dh ni..kuikuikui

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