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after oh no post, my flu getting night i can't sleep..damn..Fridays, was working day..only half day..
i can't take it anymore..went to PMC..running show my allergic near my throat..i got MC..hikhikhikk..thanks Doc..really need to rest..get back home..trying to sleep.flight is at 15.20pm..fuhh.. need to recover..running nose stop for Elder brother,Faisal and his son,Amirul..sent us to the airport.. Abah,Faisal & Faiz went to mosque..left me, mom and Amirul there..Suddenly there's a tears coming from Amirul eyes..lorrr...he was afraid his father leaving we went to buy icecream for him..fuhh luckily his not crying again..he became talkative..asking this and that..haha....

almost time..they get back, check in time..hehe..the ticket counter really surprised..because..the price is cheaper..that's a luck..the tips to share early..usually 2/3 weeks before departure the price are cheaper for domestic..we choose Malaysian Airline go explore and get-the-deals and latest promotion..

flying without wings..this my mom 1st time on plane..she nervous n scared a ipoh the weather are's rainy in KLIA..still in comfort zone..haha.guess mom was so surprise when she was given a goodie bag from a handsome steward..hehe..ehemm ehemm steward in the flight..haha..handsome.haha..don't worry dear(my fiance) even u r not handsome..u r cute n i'll make u handsome again when u get right need to worry..his already mine..n i am his..

landing time..very smooth..oh ears..i can't hear's still need time to balance the air's very to see her smile..i'll make ur wish come true..err..getting the luggage at the front door..then got the taxi that i book..thanks to friend of mine, help and guide me about taxi..hehe..went to check in the hotel..

to be continue...(i have to check my shopping bills :)

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