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tik tik tik...

why this.can you read it?
is it a secret code..where did i found?from my SBM 
time passes by..

hmm..another lovely stuff i admire
antique unique it's classic
is it lovely?
the reason is..tiss tik tik tik..this Friday evening..will be a meeting..
to set date for My Solemnization and Our Wedding i'm feeling nervous?
i guess it's ok to feel that way...
hehe..need to learn make a good tea..haha..i forgot already how to make it well.if i do it regurlar the taste won't be different..fuhh..oh always drink MILO tasty

2 Response to tik tik tik...

10 Februari 2010 1:31 PTG

waaa....msti berdebar2 kn...he3

10 Februari 2010 4:16 PTG

yes bebehh nervous..haha..

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