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Last Day Shopping

1st..packed our stuff..check out early..hehe..glad we can kept our luggage at the hotel..we went to Midvalley,Bangsar, via Putra LRT & KL Sentral..brought my mom to GM..she bought a new Midvalley, we search the stuff to buy for Jusco..not much choice..Metrojaya..woww..i like this Chinese New Year Sale. The price and discount..cheaper than usual..

Oh..forgot to mention..started that a sore throat..something stuck at my voice..i became a rockers voice..haha..kind a hard for me to salesperson.confious of what i need..opp..found a wallet that my future FIL asked me to buy..damn..hard for me to talk on the phone with that voice..found something for my fiancee..hope he likes it..fuhh enough for my budget..

looking for high heel to wear during my wedding..not much were suitable for my foot..huhu..hard to find one..sad a bit..but it's ok..still enough time =)..

Rushing hotel by take our friend,Bro Zaki, regarding souvenier..wooww..i like..looking for taxi..aiya..that 1st taxi was lazy..he told us traffic lazy..ok..fine..don't you know there's another shortcut to reach KL Sentral!!!got 2nd taxi..fuh..thanks uncle..we came to KL with 2 luggage..back home with 3 luggage..haha..check in flight at KL klia ekspres
opp a new promotion to LCCT..check it out click LCCT

our Flight is Malaysia Airlines reach home safely..flight delay for few minute..fuh..a lot of people bring small luggage into the sister,Ida's family pick up us..cute little happy to meet us again..haha..

next..will go to again..haha..+family vacation..

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