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Let Talk About Make Up

It's been a long time I didn't update any make experiment..and others bridal make just found our card reader..haha..enjoy the pic..this was a week before Hari Raya Qurban/Aidil Adha..last year.if i was not mistaken..on 21st November 2009..during my cousin wedding.. without flash..i looked thin..haha..
with flash..still need to improve..if for photography i need more highlight on you can see a clear conture..i prefer natural..
without flash

hehe..bigger eyes.see that..eyelashes..hmm..i need the other type that suit my eyes..still searching for it

here's my cousin..Syidah..this is during the solemnization..

in the afternoonher,the wedding, theme arabian..she also small like me..but she's more kilo's than me..haha..maybe she's around 42-45kg..height of the husband it remind me of my fiance,he is 148cm..haha..

a clearer picture of makeup..

this is during her husband site..sorry i don't have any clearer picture..i am working that day..
i think it look pale a bit..

on 19th December 2009..My friend wedding..Nur Teluk Kumbar, already 5pm....they almost changing cloth..haha..i forced them to wait my arrival with family..haha..almost miss the road to her house..hmm look like magenta..color i adore..that's her she's already pregnant  almost 3months..congratulation!!! poyo ak duk tengah..
this usual..if i don't being naughty with her..that's not me..
SEE MY SOCK..same color as her scarft..hahaha..Wani said to me..shut up u!..stop being naughty..u r getting married also..

thank you reader! u all..

2 Response to Let Talk About Make Up

21 Februari 2010 11:19 PG

wow..cantik lh make up tu... :)

**br nk tegur psl ur socks tu...he3

21 Februari 2010 12:29 PTG

yes mrs to be..i love make share ngn readers..kat sidebar ada few makeup artis..
hehe..kami nih ada chemistry magnet skit..ada la persamaan skit..haha..sock yg menarik..talking about fashion.memakai stocking warna terang adalah against the rules..hikhikhikk

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