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The Date..

To all my close readers, i am inviting you to my wedding on 3rd July 2010..
please email me, for reservation and confirmation.

i am looking my alma matter :
1. SMK Sultanah Bahiyah 1999-20003
2. Perlis Matriculation College 2004/2005 Accounting
3. Universiti Sains Malaysia-especially School Of Arts-2005-2008

please contact me back.Thank you.

ohh..before i forgot..
my wedding theme would be : Javanese
color theme : magenta
er..ooppp oohh..that's sexy..not that one ok
but kinda this one..haha..more small's copyright resrvd to photo
 and here it goes..magenta..this color is bright..-brave-unique-different-mystery

well, the reason i choose javanese theme cause my father is original javanese..but my mom is da different from a malay..malay origin..hmm..i also not sure..well..from what i know south east asia is very unique..
in fact,my elder brother, brother no. 2 and sister 2..during their wedding day last time, normal malay tradition..kinda boring if it go all the same..haha..

as for his side..hehe..east met west..
wow..oopp not fit my body..i am thin and short
wow this post is amazing..
my fiance love this gown..hehe..i guess if i wear this.hhaahaa..who's that small little girl..if i stand alone that fine..but i am standing beside him..imagine an apple with a obvious right..haha..'s normally muslimah wedding dress ok..

thanks for reading..

6 Response to The Date..

14 Mac 2010 5:11 PG

Alhamdullillah semua dah plan kan..hopefully everything will go on well...semoga kekal ke anak cucu..take care...tahniah again..

14 Mac 2010 9:20 PG

thanks buddy...
kalo xdpt dtg..tgk live call on skype jer la..haha..hehe..ns minyak best :)

Tanpa Nama
15 Mac 2010 9:48 PG

congrate akak..huk3..woo

15 Mac 2010 12:13 PTG

maceh adik long.. :)

2 April 2010 1:28 PG

Reservation?? lol....addla aku kt fb.

7 April 2010 3:03 PTG

sinbad..hg ada tukar emel x?
tlg emel ak..nnti ak nk add..+gosip?haha

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