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We meet Again-Episode 2

After the bicycle stuff..yeahh..grown up to be teenager..
er..still not managed dreaming in da same schooll..after UPSR..he got more got 4A 1B

different school.he went to male college..i went to girl college..opp by this time..he got a brother..haha..
hhaaha in his house..

he and his father always took him sight-seeing..i got on eyes on you bebeh..kihkihkih..gatei.. :p

what happen ya..i just couldn't remember much this time..sorry guys..
out of the blue..just found out..that Mala is his best friend..haha..funny isn't it..
cause in my mind..i always see friend will last together as lovers..
sorry...that's what i was thinking about..well.if somebody said it's nothing..
i's nothing..

opp remember back..form 3..hehe..the devils wear school uniform..
never thought we went the same tuition at Taman err a moment trying to recall.near Taman Rimba..Prima or Premier?don't know...oh no..why that tough mathematic question you can easily answer are genius man..

you make me..('_') and Sinbad..the only smksb there..haha..she said.that's your boyfriend..
i can i?
i was stupid..idiot..not cute..with pimples..erkk..
not rich..

gossip..rumour..haha..telling me that he likes me..haha..
were you kidding me?
well..i did something crazy.yeah..
over my father dead body..
sorry dear..
i mention to his best friend..i have another guy..
huhuu..i was very sad to say..i like..
by this time also..i have personel problems..nobody knew..
i can't tell anyone seriously..even BFF
even it hurt..well..silence is better..
it was the biggest one in my's not about friends
i was looking the sunshine inside's blurry..
yeah..teary eyes..every moment..

soon..i heared..his with someone..
ok..but who..
after research..oh no..not her..please..
someone i knew..don't you have anybody else?..
why such a give up.and corward..
yeah his a good boy..never stole others one..
i wish you are happy :)
i thought he would say something..

before that stupid words..he gave me something..
yeyeee..i like.thanks dear..really appriciate it..
huhu i loose him..
yeah life must go man allowed in my life..

new world new technologies.. his no..from his best friend.i told her don't told him.. :)
the devils wore a veil..
he still stick with's ok..i friend..
trying to be friendly..
wanna have a male friend.. :p

1 miss call
2 miss call..
3 miss call..haha
well.there's a lot
(i remember now,i asked him,what happen when i did that?he said his parent wondering who disturbing their hero..haha.but he don't know)
pity him..wondering who did that..
i sent sms to tell him out from the house..
then find someone with a gray scarf..
he went out..i was hiding behind a lorry..

haha..i dumped you.. :p..
laugh to die.
ok..enough toying him..
sent was me..near you..haha..
he a call..
oh no..i'm scared to answer it..ok i pickup up.. way i was nervous...
soon..his family moved to S.P..huhu missed it..
well soon..i heard he changed to another school for the 2nd time..haha.not far from me..yeah..

life goes on just like that..only few time i sms him..
i don't want to interupt he & her..
nothing much..
to be continued :)

2 Response to We meet Again-Episode 2

Pejuang Melayu
29 Mac 2010 5:58 PG

Hmm... apa next kisah ni... cepat la sambung

30 Mac 2010 4:30 PTG working on it..sabo la..ada hal big matter..fuhh

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Nota kaki anda :D