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Correction aka pembetulan

how should i start..
straight to the point..
he just YM me just ..

'Pastikan anda menggunakan bahasa yang betul'
"basic pn dh banyak salah"

for me..
ok thanks dear..i english..still worse..huhu
adehh..kerisauan melanda diri..
my words like this.Like i'm talking to you..chit chat..
there's a " , " and pause..monologue..question mark..

and also he was asking who was 'her'..blablabla...
er..not everything i can reveal la..
and..saya berada dalam keadaan sgt beremosi..
cacamarba..tekanan..tulis ikut dan ja.. (tulis sesuka hati)xcheck ayat tunggang terbalik.
for your wording even in a conversation..always..kinda like that..
that my weakness..

will stop for awhile..have a kitkat..
how can i stay calm?
left few month to go...huuhu..
i can feel people will laugh at me..later..if i don't take action..


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