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Happy Mood

Yihaaa..back again..just wait guys..
i will update soon before the end this weekend..
Good News & invitation for u
i am tired a bit..too many stuff need to settle..
seem like my fiance is not here...i'm split into two..haha..
rest for awhile..i am still working..hehe..
resting my many design ideas just out..
haha...actually nothing is free in this world..fuh..unless very famous people(sponsor)
i have divided all my saving to 6..

1.ring dress
3.hantaran (souvenier)
4.Visa (very important-i only pay GBP145 fees for application,and more info british embassy)
5.saving after wedding (before i got job in Wales)
6.medical checkup (preparation for wedding & travel)

the frog appear again..err photographer..i'm lack of money.already calculate from the begining..
mostly start RM500 for wedding and there any, just taking picture without printing?only CD?
i have few option photogrphers that i known..some of them are nice,wow,amazing..some are new and talented..and some need to improve more..but the price....i am still not afford..

maybe some of you will say..why not asking parent,sibling..well the fact's not that..this are the things i try to avoid..i have my own private reason..before and after already think..i only can tell them..i don't have enough money for that..all my budget are economy budget..ekonomoney..haha..
if only i have a twin..hikhikhik got FOC..pic last forever la..huhu..
i'll try find another way.last time..during my elder brother wedding..i'm the cameragirl.but in this blog,i only post for my friend solemnization click sample

thanks for reading..if u have any idea,just let me know..emel & YM:

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