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Sorry guys...since this week i've been thinking.searching for ideas and solution..thinking about problem occur..i need a backup idea..fuh..looking for photographers and makeup..backup ok..already ask few quotation..still in discussing..already got limited budget..

and then..another old story come out..a bit happy la..already met..
er skype with alma matter..childhood friend, Lucia Sazbanova..
miss her and them a lot.

and I just found few old friend, Fiza Markali, Hanis, etc..hehe..

and..just found out..old enemy..also will found the other damn..
dammnnn..still thinking..what is the best words..
because of high school life miserable..damn..damn..damn...^&%*

i still wonder why she did that to fact..during her difficulty..
i'm the one she's looking the time she get easy, she ignored me..
is it a physical look also main prob?oohh pls..
even i am thin and are chubby..always in sweat...nenenenee
luckily no body odour.fuhh
your arrogant..damn
is it just because of my status..normal person..humble..
so that you can put your hand on me?
i know i am not that rich..
just because i was to soft innocent look..childlish look...
well, i take this word..when i am 40,i look like 30..but you, 40 is 50..hahaa..:p

but thanks for that..i become wiser than you..i got a degree..but you..hhaahaa..
i even got a gentlemen in my life..
you loser...

later i'll talk about another person..still not met her yet..
i named her 'snake'..she's trying to act clever..
but i bet her at last.i got better than her in SPM..just because 
she was stingy in giving knowledge to others in need..
wanna know what she did to me?
she gathered friend..she stole my best friend..damn it..
even my best friend ignored me..
i lost friend..i live alone..all by myself..
make me..stronger than before..
so lonely..i have nobody..
i don't like much being friend with girl..phobia..
men? can i?my school is all girls..
not dare enough to make friend with boys(daddy not allowed me)

forgot to say..i just knew all the truth after 2 week finished my SPM..
all the mastermind person in charge..damn it!

now..hehe..i am still the same person..more ladies a bit..
bullied?i can avoid it now..but my words are more lovely..
more careful with friend
well..i am better than before..
stronger?a bit..will be strong enough when my man is by my side :)
still bringing up my confident..
my alma matter used to say..D'lla..CONFIDENT!..
ok girl..i take that words to the higher level..
er..hard for me a bit..cause..i used to be humble person..shy..hehe.
but at a time..i become rude also due to some situation

if something happen that might insure my situation.i will stand up!

the end..
this entry kinda damn..

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