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Surprise Party for Him

So..what do you expect?HIM?

pls..think positive.
this weekend is my lovely brother birthday..yeye so happy..he's grown up already..
i think wanna make a surprise party for him..kidnapped him from hostel :)
the rules mention every weekend can get back home..
yeahh the devil wear blue..

what kind of surprise..
i think..don't wish anything till evening..haha..
ofcourse i can see his sour face..haha..bad sister..

since he was little..we used to tease him with
all our family member gather to watch it till episode 4
that made him scared of doll..hahaaa..if he being naughty we called chucky..hahaa.. don't know how he feel..
er..episode 5..we didn't watch together..

i even sometime call him chucky..haha.
that was long time ago..

but now..
i bring him join my bikers club..not registered yet..
just to show him..
to study well..
work hard..
be a man..
to my little brother.. ur best in your life..
don't be others..
don't be pampered
be a gentlemen :)

what kind of surprise?
showering him with egg?
er..maybe my mom will scold us..

2 Response to Surprise Party for Him

11 November 2010 11:00 PG

Follow u tanx 4 visitin.muah..

12 November 2010 3:03 PTG

thanks 4 coming..hope u enjoy :)

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