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Version 2

Forget old story..i used to live in a a moment
"oh no...scary,sad,damn,frustation",but
in just few minutes.i have to change my mood to is tough?..
er..i used to be customer service officer..answering call..wallaa..
so i get used to it..even just awhile..still need to polish my skill..wooo
well learning that help me a lot..we are human..wonderful..
still lucky compare to war zone..scary..heart beat fastly..over dead body..

let's start a new chapter after "How Do We Meet"
er..later ok..i just started to write it..but not posting it yet..

life must go on..
live life to the fullest..
no pain no gain

i see sunshine shining brightly in the sky,
wind blow smoothly,
with a smell of roses and jasmine,
such a colourful painting.

opp..short poem by me..
last time..i love to make a poem..
this new entry... patient ok..
regarding my wedding preparation..still under arrangement..
already bought inner dress..that turtleneck my last..but the price..
er..i just close my eyes and paid it Sogo..where the sell Malaysian dress
last month went to KL..with parent..sorry late update..
day 2..i got high..cause me headache..luckily my friend was there to help
my mom choose curtain at nilai 1..

nilai 1 is great..the design are marvellous.. :)

here..i promote the shop that we went..
the price are reasonable..even few artist went there haha..
if you can see who it is..stick on the wall behind the cashier
my friend is their regular customer discount..cause i'm promoting it on my blog..

so..please do not hesitate to contact them ok..they have front door and back door.
location NILAI 1 only.

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