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1st How do We Met?

Well, i've always been do you guys met? answer..long story actually..well..the date already announce..i will reveal it bit by bit..

readers,if you love to read short here it is..
I was born on 6 Oct. 1986..2.50am-Hospital Besar Alor Setar
He was born on 6 May 1986..on..i don't know-in KL

is it a coincidence?

i've know him for 17years old..but he know me for about 9years old

yeahh it is..
that time..still living in Taman Bee Bee Park..this place still exist..hehe..i was chubby..white, naughty?haha...
Late Tok Bibi and her forgot her's already past away 2years ago.. were my parents working..imagine 6 of us..they have to take care..haha...quite tough..last time surrounding is much safer..than time only 6..but now..we are younger brother was born on's fun have a brother..not only me making noise in da house

he?i don't know..never met yet.. :P

at the age of 5..move to Taman Rakyat Mergong..till are among the earlier neighbour stay there.. play sibling went to school..MakCik Gayah is my nanny..
yeahh i love to play with home, my 2 elder brother always babysit me..ngehngehngeh..i'm not kind a ladies girl..haha...i even sometime slept with them..until one day..
how can you guys...huhhuuuu..told me that horror story.. a ghost without head..damn..pretty scary..
told my mom said nothing..i slept in our parent room..
always play outside house at noon..last time.the weather was no that very hot right now..

Mak Cik Gayah was my nanny..everybody adore me...haha.i wonder..maybe im just the only little girl hyperactive one there..

6 years old..went to Taska Masjid Zahir..our cloth..haha..funny..wether you was a boy or girl.. our uniform was a short sleeve shirt, purple and skirt..hehe..suit me gang?only 2 girls and the other 3,boys..haha..tomboy..short hair..but when performing on stage..turn into a princess..hikhikkhikkk...
singing "Ulik Mayang" da leader.our sleeve...kahkahkah..thinking about it..on that day..sore throat..damn..cause by my elders brother..teased me+horror story..
hehe..I shaked hand with Sultan Kedah..during our graduate..yihaa..once in a lifetime
this is Sultan Kedah and late Sultanah Bahiyah
and this is our current Sultanah Kedah,Sultanah Haminah
ok..While i was at my nanny house at 6yr old..found a boy..cute soccer..ehehee..would love to play with him..actually our home is just right the house on da left,his on right...
damn..he ignored matter how close i am to him..yeahh i love to play with boys..already asked him..remember me or not..he said, No..well,i'll make him remember me for the rest of his life..

is it a coincidence?i don't know..i feel something..but i don't know what it is..i'm still a kid
my old bike is blue in color..

hmm..then..not remember which age..we meet again..i think around 8-10 yr old...i love cycling in da morning and happen few time..haha..he stil da same guy..ignore me..but this time..he put his eye on me..yeye..i asked him last time..he said..he don't remember..that's men..hmm..

and with 2 tyre..also in blue..hehe..

well..wait untill next love story...

2 Response to 1st How do We Met?

Tanpa Nama
15 Mac 2010 9:48 PG


15 Mac 2010 12:16 PTG

jiwang ker?ntah la..feel like laugh till die bila piki old story..sshh..jiwang tuh wajib..pengerat kasih sayang

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