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Faraway-Episode 3

er..i forgot to inform you guys..
er..when i was at the tuition and sinbad..haha..i think when i was in form 3..
recess time yeahh lovely..
went to shop with her..suddenly he appeared right from the corner..shocked a bit..he was alone at that time
i smiled

guess what he did?

stupid thing in his life...dammnn you...
p/s i even sometime told him that

he turned back.wondering i smiled someone behind him..
aiyyaa so silly..
suddenly a chinese guy..(not even cute, handsome, worst than a nerd guy)appeard..

in my heart..why such stupid..i never had a chinese guy in my life..even there, i never spoke to chinese, they just get along with their collegue...that guy was worst..look immature

he just walked by without any feeling..damn..why so hard to give such a signal..can't be friend with genius? never get close/get along with girl..

yeahh he moved to S.P after PMR..SM Hj Ibrahim.haaha..suddenly while chatting with a friend(my neighbour also), she told me that..
"ohh..that guy..hahaa..he went to my school Pokok naughty"
i guess it's not that worst..boys my elder brothers.. :p

i was stuck in the same for me :)
nothing much happen..just heard few rumor..he wear "lebai"..hahaa...ok.
well.seriously nothing much happen..he just mention that..will back to alor setar.his parent bought a house nearby..wooww..that house..who's lucky..:)

still be friend with her rumour..they just broke up..i think when i was form 5..after july..not sure which month after that..
errkk..what was going on?
i ask her..and come..why..answer..didn't suited well..
i was not that close to her ex-GF..taking advantage?no lah..
the truth was..
few time he sms me..he was very sad..he missed her..frust..he don't have anybody else..(i was a loner also,if only you knew)
how i felt?worse...broken heart..because of strange feeling in my heart..i just...try to be nice to her..

normal talking around girls..haha..
after SPM..suddenly he sms me.her mom just went an operation due to canser...OMG!
God Bless Her..she recovered soon..

I told her(his Ex)she was shocked..i didn't know whether they were still contacting each other or not
soon..i start my mission.testing her..sorry dear..i was testing you how much you love him..he deserve someone love him...i just giving up my feeling.looking for others...cause i was not worth for it..(stupid in add math,account,ugly,immature..etc)
want to know why?this guy..missing you a lot...
the way she talked...urrghhh...still didn't admit..why so hard for you to understand?
act nothing happened..the right word was..her ego was so..high...

i just..i wont said between both of them how to settle it..i just a 3rd party whos' not worth..

me..been dating with his friend..but i bring my little brother(3 of us)..trying to find the suitable't suit at all..good as a friend such feeling..i guess he likes trying to make him(my fiance now) jealous..even a bit..aiyyaa.that such feeling..ignored me..keep searching my BF..dush dusshh dushh if only i can shot you..feel like he don't like me..i gived up!

even date with adik angkat (how to say in English,is it adopt little brother)..hahaa...handsome tuh..erkk..but did't suited well..

got flying color..but enough for me..he..haha..good in calculating but not in biology..haha..
thought you wanna be a doc..i is good for you..i went to matriculation..his ex went to matriculation..he?he rejected matriculation offer..cause fall in love as an aircraft said nothing cause a friend of mine told me that,her brother(genius guy) went there..later can continue to oversea :)

time passed by..before that i received PLKN for 3rd batch..damn..postpone due to went to matriculation..yeah beebeehh..

there..i was trying hard to forgot the memories..i thought i can fine a nice guy..yeahh prince enough..haha..i became famous in the there..cute than before..i know how to dress well,make up a bit..haha..few target..sparepart?
er..i think yes it is...i have 4 option..yeahh..i won't tell's really kinda "kos lepas" in economy, mean 2nd option that you have to let go..but i have 4..haha..i still not dare enought to tell them..who am i to them..just an idiot..

the shadow..still there..oh God..what was that signal about..why.why why..i didn't understand..what is it caught in dilemma..huhuu..well actually i still praying God..give me a right guy for me..
but the shadow still there..

he,she,her..what left?me...i still wonder since previous previous previous year..what are these coincidence?Fate?birth date also almost same..haha..what is love?what are those?my mom notice my different..haha..which guy she hanged never told any prob or dilemma to mama..she thought a KL guy?..i knew she scared if somebody hurt me..don't worry..mama..

to be continued..

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