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Another Step Before Wedding

wallaweehhh i list down what i should do: course (done)
2.Polish my right now i need to master my English..British speaking..haha..
3.Passport (should done early, to book ticket flight.For your information i will follow & accompany my future husband in Cardiff,UK...he still have 1 more year to go in Faculty of Aviation Engineering..haha my life would be surrounded by worry if in flight....err..just wonder a it ok..later after the solemnization i change the status in my passport from single to married?err..i want to make it for 5 i have just to update my status at the immigration?after married?feel it's not worth to make new right..
4.solemnization form
5.solemnization certificate..without this?what is your relationship
6.Health clarification including HIV test (for solemnization & visa)
7.Visa payment current money exhange.mybe this year it cost almost RM1000.2 years before RM500..fuhh.hope no obstacle..huhu.worried many important document have to be clarified as a proof..such as, birth certificate,ID,solemnization certificate,Passport,future home living, period of travelling,bank statement in case of bancrupt or least have RM00,000.00.only for statement.wannan know?google visa application in your country..err..must proceed the document 3 month before date of departure..without visa, how can i travel?huhu..wa...wanna be with him..wish us luck..
8.check all details..proceed to packaging..yeye.thick cloth?hope i can stand cold cooking..maggi laa...hehe..
9.honeymoon?where to go?before departure or after departure?we don't decide yet..if enough budget proceed..haha..a lot of money spend for this important agenda..we have several plan..i let u knw after the honeymoon..haha..

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