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Want to be A Model?Join Hannah Tan Contest

Men,woman,ladies,children,babies..etc.are welcome..

Terms :
-Age from 0-50 years (interesting right?)

-Kids (Boys & girls) (gender is not a big problem)

-Girls,Women who wearing TUDUNG only.
currently they are looking for Girls,Women who wearing TUDUNG only
the best part is variety of shapes and sizes: tall models, short models, skinny and full size models, both young and mature models. Regardless what type are you in, you still have an equal chance to be the successful model.

your clear picture is a must!You should only choose one best picture in your posting blog about Hannah Talent..if more than 1 picture, will be eliminated.

So, if you are interested in commercial industry register in

Me?err..for this time..i'm a shy person..haha...machiam la my frenz don't know me..
my picture?here i come..


saya mengetahui contest ini dari blog :

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