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Shopping Mood

in a shopping mood..i don't feel it's a vacation..yihaaa,from 29jan 2010 - 31jan 2010..i will be i kl..if you kinda recognized me,just say from my blog..haha..opp terlebey suda..

get-the-deal offer..yeye..2 bodyguard will accompany me..who?jengjengjeng..ehemmm..someones that i always in my heart..flirting?haha..yo dude/babe..what's up..stop being negative..think till the with them..yeye..have been plan since last year..soorryy guys..i am polishing my English as for the preparation to be in UK..Well, basically i used simple English..back to a budget hotel from reasonable price!why budget?we will spent a lot of money for shopping..vacation?later..ofcourse gonna be a peace place to go..

Yihaa...1st step, go to Jakel..yeye..looking for a look,design..etc..hope that Mrs. still remember me..Mom (see, i told you) is looking for fabric to wear for the solemnization and weeding for both side..and ofcourse..mama will get confuse..blurr bllurr.and i..oh naughty is back...get her in confuse again and again and again..p/s don't tell her..hikhikhik..why Jakel? varieties of fabric all  over the world..from local fabric designers to international fabric designers..the price? reasonable with the quality

later..walk around masjid india,Jalan TAR..i wonder how long will stuck in these's heaven of fabric..then to Sogo..abah(daddy,see, i told u again) would to buy trousers, looking for the "hantaran" for him.yeye..sorry to's himitsu (google translater japanese to english)..maybe he know a bit..but he don't know the type i'm looking an ex-designer student, i'm curious about it.

heaven of shopping with great discount..hope more discount  Chinese new year list to go..
a tour at Bukit Bintang or Pavilion?hope no traffic jem and still enough time..huhu.soo woorriied..that area always jem..i wonder why?is it because car stop by?maybe..and lame traffic light?maybe..stupid driver changes lane suddenly without being patient?maybe..oppp i forgot..the time and transport..hmmm..if in da evening..the scenery are very nice..i remember last time, pass by the road with friend, Sis Dilla..hehe..miss her..nice story..ehemm ehemm..we take a look the hotspot area..haaha..ssshhhh..we just pass by  the road only ok..not entering it malaysia?no comment..we also passs by to the rumuor location  which are the gay often visited...oohh menn..u r men..u choose men..pity girls..prostitute area?i don't know..the last time i pass by those road..2year ago..with..eheemm ehemm..i just want to how they are look like..oohh pity..but didn't see many of them, the police just capture them before..ehem ehem long last time ago almost get caught by them but managed to struggle to run away..fuhh..lucky..was on the way to the comic shop.


1st pic is mid valley 2nd is the garden..just next to it..fuhh im sure both of them, fuhh..ohh long as my leg can go..i'll push..ok..i walk slowly with them..jusco metrojaya here i come..oh i can feel my purse getting light..


Berjaya Times Square..i wonder is it still enough time?i'm looking for high heels to wear for wedding..i'm short..he's tall..imagine 4'10" with 5'10"..well love live forever..oh no..the budget are very tight for me..oh mama..oh me a favour..
hope i find the right shoe with special price..err.which color i should choose to macth both side..

3. silver

i think silver is suitable..match all color..i can wear it i gonna be ok with it?hmm i should learn from now to walk with confidence..well, i salute Victoria Beckham..she managed to wear a 12" high heel for shopping with her kids!!!! i's pain no beautifull..fuhhh


before i forget, there's a dinner 30/1/ i gona make it?many of them gathering there..huhu..confious oh noo..should go or not?leaving my parent awhile is it ok?
still in confious..any words for me?

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