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Sharing is Caring

If you in love with someone..go for it..wether acceptence or reject..unless u already told..
the make u much better..eventhough it kind a funny..

Once u got it..treat honestly..kindly, lovely..
never ever betray each other..
remember, if u  backstabbed..the consequence is double than that..
what u give is what u get..
remember..for what reason u have her/him in your life?
what make u make the decision..
think for 5th time..
if can't make any commitment..don't ever dare go for it..don't be a coward
don't broke others heart..the painful after that is double than yours..
not only her/him suffered..but it's surrounding also
it is because..maybe she/he feel much better after that..but u will carry it forever..

don't hurt her/him anymore..let her/he go
u already put it in a cage
u are so blind to see and feel wether u are old enough to use your brain again
let it fly away..
give her/his smile back that u took from it..
give back the happiness..the freedom fresh air

by the times..u already lost he/her forever..
lost?what kind of lost?no more relationship between or ..
the God has taken forever from this world where u would unable to sms,3g, touch or see
that sweet face already..
Regret?'s no use's u who decide what u are going to be..

-so before anything happen,sit alone,refresh your mind and soul-
those people out there..remember there's always someone care for you
originally written by D'lla

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