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Putting on Weight

Previous days ago..a neighbour invited our family and others to his house for great..he cooked Nasi Beriani Pakistan..really delicious..

There's a weighting 1st i put little Sofea on it..haha..she's 8 kg already..and then it's my turn..
Gosshhhh..i loose another kg..huhuu..that why my cheek are not chubby..huhu..worried..since last year i've tried to gain weight..hard to gain..easy to loose..dammmnnn..

hmm..getting married..stress me a bit.obstacle?yeahh a i too demanding?.oh girl..take it easy..nothing to worry anymore..keep on smiling on your face..get ready to be the to myself again..damn..

exercise? that's good..been busy since last month.being a nanny to little Sofea..haha..maybe will start back next week..hehe..

next,what i should do putting on weight:
1. eat more,anytime..haha..
2. exercise a bit..twice in 7days
3. sleep early to prevent dark circle
4. drink milk
5. eat more vegetables
any tips?

2 Response to Putting on Weight

19 Januari 2010 4:44 PTG

Hi, nice post and especially your blog template, it's cool.

By the way, thank for dropping by at my blog.

Bye....and take care.

19 Januari 2010 10:49 PTG

thanks nebular..
thanks to me a lot..still a lot to explore..hehe.
c ya visit again.

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