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Damn Thing

Daaammnnn...confious speechless..
are they bullied me?past everything to me?

if only i knew from the begining, what my GM straight dear..any prob let he know..

is it hard being too kind?being innocent?
In fact, feeling sympathy about it..helping a bit..
at last, what did i get? being scold by them just because helping them?

oh no...
what a cruel world..few months to the time they know who am i..
do i have to become that old again?at last, i suffered alone..huhu
nobody care.....

i have to be strong...i have to fight back what's right for me..but what would be after that?
aiyyaaa damnn..
oh girl..those person are taking advantage on you!!!!...ddaammmnnn
those idiot 3rd class brain..bad attitude..unprofessional works..if you keep on working like that, get ready to confront in your own grave..
get ready, the old me will be back!

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