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Dress already settle..right now i am thinking something unique for the's large for a normal semi-de forgot the square feet..last nite been change the position of furnitures..

haha..luckily..the furnitures macth the theme..Lucky..

wonder which one to choose..oh gosh..the budget are very tight..limitation..oh mama, oh me a bit..
got some idea..hmm..the's remind me of the joke to my niece..lamp..lampu (speaking manglish-malay english)..haha..

  ok ok..back to topic..the room..the room are's yellow in color..been thinking of wallpaper..curtains..fresh flower or artificial flower..fuhhh..kinda hard to make decision..

ohh i forgot..the photographer..hmm..wonder to choose who..tight budget..i feel like want to make a custom design album..smaller and lighter..easier to bring anywhere..

wedding card?still thinking..looking something cheaper but valuable in own design?i don't have much time..i like the emboss effect..the roses scented,not sure yet..since this early year hard for me to sleep early..been thinking a lot..haha..ohh my eyes..dark circle..huhu..

later the souvenier for him..still thinking something traditional and unique..i make it myself..

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