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How I Feel Today?

1st, sooo heeeppppiiii...
it is because...i've already book solemnization dress.after walk by through several bridal galleries in Alor Setar...i like that one.reason: unique different from others.suitable with my theme : Unique.before that i bring my mom to take a look..then my mom told me to bring my future mother in law,if she like it, just book.last weekend,went there with her, she agreed with the paten and heepppiii...reason to rent: costing is cheaper that make new one..+ include with accessories

it's like Dato's Siti Nurhaliza gown during cutting cake for her wedding..err it is correct words?HELP ME to improve my English..correct me if i am wrong o.k..a moment guys..i am looking for that picture,

p/s : it's not 100% like this.maybe 5% only..hikhikhik..which bridal gallery?later ok..if not it's not surprise..
well, i only can say..I am cute that day..i am not beautifull..seriously..


ni mawi & ekin only..

Already discuss with another bridal gallery for my wedding dress..actually hard to find the right dress for my wedding theme, the color..blablabla....and again..later i told to make new,it fit my theme and my body..haha..cause i am too cute..haha..too small..i am confident that the bridal gallery can make it for me..and they have the ability to make it in front your eyes..the price are additional payment like other bridal gallery +++ just cause by the beading..don't trust the helicopter ok..just imagine D'lla in her fantasy..haha..

er..almost forgot, the wedding for his side..already went to another bridal gallery with his mom, on da same day..haha..her mom has put interest the shop that i suggest..we didn't decide yet..cause new dress is coming soon..later we came back need to worry cause the time frame are enough to make new one..not like my side..spent a lot of time to make new one (beading need to be patient)

well, here i list down bridal gallery which i think is reasonable:
1.berjaya image-city point kasih-city plaza's collection-tongkang yard(dekat jalan pegawai,i like her make-up very much 016 4850054)
4.nasyita-city plaza
5.Eila-shahab perdana,branch in front of taman pandan
7.James Ally - above seven eleven next to plaza sentosa
8. Dla Abadi Touch - star parade pacific
9. Tartera - jalan stadium
10. Kay Collection, Jalan Langgar dekat cosway
11. Romzy

there are still others bridal shop that i didn't visit yet..haha..visit 10 of it..fuhhh..enough..i found already..

4 Response to How I Feel Today?

18 Januari 2010 12:33 PTG

d' future mother in law & sis in law dh g tgk x sure ktne...diorg nk amk kt situ cmne, i pn x sure...kne g alor star then try + tgk baju...he3...maybe bulan 3 kot...coz ade member kawin kt sane...

18 Januari 2010 10:24 PTG

ok la cadangan and discuss aksesori tudung,layah,makeup(suka natural or transform)...cni byk gak kedai lain yg ok..D'lla dh terjah 11 kedai..hehe..letih gak bukan 11 kedai dlm sehari..haha

19 Januari 2010 6:39 PTG

mak ai....byk gle...hu3...yanie suke natural je...hu3...nnt br nk finalize sume...

19 Januari 2010 10:42 PTG

hikhikhikk.kepuasan itu penting..kawen skali jer..yg penting berbaloi dgn RM & budget..hehe..budget ekonomoney..haha

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