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Cinderella story

well..i can't have a dream..a cinderella dream..
yeahh back to the reality..
right now listening

nice song bebeehh..
i love the makeup when she wore that green gown..that gown are nice :)

fantasy vs reality..
am i grounded?...
a dream to be a designer? talent?..what are my degree used to?well, it's kinda very very very sad..
when the idea's not high cost you know...
feeling kinda giving up a bit.cinderella can't have stress,sad feeling..why?cause i will fall sick..again..
this 3 week just increase a kilogram hard..
later..i don't know what else..hope..i can still hold on..

got feeling..hope i can fulfill some wish..
my instinc..right now,it's blurry...
teardrops.. :)

like Bill Gates' said : Life is not Fair, so get used to it
my life to the fullest as long as i am still alive..

treat your love one as your lover, not as other,it's them who you will live for..
roomate?yeahh sharing a room, a bed..
why i said that, if a quarrel happen (example only) the thing that always really awkward is on bed..
er..i learn from drama..actually, drama also happened peoples around us..whether you realise it or not

learn how to change just few second..adapt the's kinda hard you know..
at least try..
be an optimis level..only few people achieve it..

sorry,for such a..i even don't know what to say..:(

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