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New Soul-Version 4

My option..only 2 the best one..:)
it's kinda hard to make a decision..
my number 1, fallen to no. 2.. mom & brother like him..cause they know him.haha..
what a good girl..hehe..
me>no such feeling..towards him..i don't see the eye meet my eye well..
i was looking something..when i looked into his eyes..i felt something..hehe..1 in a million..
My elder brother told me to tackle him..oh ohh ohh my.why me start 1st..if he is a gentlemen..
why don't he started 1st..
told mom..if i started it..haha..she told me don't embarresed myself..ok..i shut my mouth..
really i don't found any clue toward such feeling..he's going to be a doctor..
i started to think..if i'm with him..his time for me.are very's not my life..sorry..
i need someone i love around me...

lovey dovey..haha..

time passes by..
his with her back together..
sorry darling..
i just send antrax..
a poison letter..
it only included certain word..
i option..
for him to choose..
i didn't stoled..
just telling him..honestly..the truth..
before he made another mistake..
i was someone else only.. just a friend..nothing important..
fuhh..i feel..fuhh
the burden..the feeling inside..blewn away..
cause i was not priceless..
i am small..he is big..
still wonder whether he got it or not..
i don't mind..hehe..

few weeks later..
oh my God..for the rest of my life..he never wrote something like that..
a clue actually..
we are the Allah servant no matter how tall or big or small you are..
for HIM..we have faith..

next..another clue..
wanna met me..
HU?why?suddenly.. i was very embarressed
my head started to think

er..wondering..huuhuu friend told be strong and brave as usual..hehe

to be continue...

6 Response to New Soul-Version 4

22 April 2010 6:25 PG

I wish you all the strength you need to succeed with your life, D'lla....

Keep your good spirit, and choose what will bring you happiness.

22 April 2010 9:43 PG

it's my pleasure..thank very much..
and i wish your luck also --<@

23 April 2010 9:40 PG
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
23 April 2010 9:43 PG

what a small world..
you are Tony right?
i knew from Nabeyl post comment..
come on buddy :)

26 April 2010 9:44 PTG

Ayo.... its me, Tony =)

I know you from Nabeyls post comments, too... and I was curious about your blog and took a peek :) here i am... haha

27 April 2010 9:37 PG

:)your poem..last time i folow your blog..then suddenly..out of the box..lost..
so i found it..:)

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