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Home Sweet Home

yeaahh yesterday evening..
er...goshh...oh my God..what a MESSY hall..
I just reached home from office..

they already started to paint the undercoat 1st..hehee
the color..from my point of view..the color i choose.. undercoat with white..
can't wait to see the final result..i choose a combination color that suit the curtain that we bought at Nilai 1

the color..contemporary..tradisional and one..
as for the undercoat, my father choose SEAMASTER..cheaper..
as for the color..we choose KCC.korean paint..color..i don't know how to's kind a green+brown+yellow..and light gray..

the result..wait till the final..

chit chat.with mom and my brother no 2..haha..
we will arrange a family meeting..for the preparation..
me? wanna make it like official..i have a feeling that she missed her job last time..
brothers and should attend and help me!.last time i help you a lot during your wedding..

i was the last person went to sleep..and the 1st to woke up..end up..only 1/2 of my photos only..haha..err during my elder brother no 1, none of my photos..hahaa

right now..still searching a spa..yeah bebeh..for facial..would like to try at Delia, Jalan Pegawai :)
err for eye scar on my i got it?years years ago..during frying fishes..

pop..ouchh that's hurt a bit..
well..i have problem to sleep at night.i think that is normall..eyebag dark circles..damn..
feeling sleepy..lay on few sleeppy disorder..haha..

version 4 love story will come soon.
to be continue..
opp sorry for the broken english..i'm blurry this time

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