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Have you ever...

have you a situation..
nobody that you can laugh with..
during your hard time, you will know who is your friend..who is your enemy..

friend come and go...
true friendship?1 in a million i guess..
maybe i'm not lucky in friendship
..but i'm lucky to have someone..
as for libra..hard for them..if it's not balance..
time passess by..last time..really had friends around..miss that time very much..

Li Meng, Lucka, Tibor

well sometime it made me sad..
they told me..they treat me like a sister aka adik..
for me..there's different between a sister aka adik and friends..
urrgghh..just cause i'm small in their physical..huhuu..i'm proud of it..even i'm always lack of confident with nonsense

to show i was good enough...i'm good in sport last time..
During in USM-sport long jump is 3.56m..then it increased,i guess it's 3.7m something..yeah bebeh..err..a 100 body are not fit enough,my timing was 14sec.I used to run and warming up with USM Athlete like K.Lin,Pei Yee and other's great..the feeling..the moment..on track..lovely..
fuhh hard to beat them..huhu..last time when i was 17 years old..i made it 13 sec..bronze medal at final..yeahhh bebehh

if now..i run a 100 m..i think it would be 18sec.haha...from young,i really can't do more than heartbeat can't make it..well..i still remember some exercise for athlete..strecthing..hehe..pain?haha if only your muscle are not soft order to avoid cramp muscles,MUST do strecthing properly!

err..i also wish to take part in uniform..but i was lack of time.only done few voice during counting 1,2,3..loud and clear...transport problem..always got back home late evening..skipped school for training and annual event..that gonna make me became weak lack of vitamin..
sunburn..haha..ofcourse..turn my skin like a shrimp..never fainted yet..fuhh..hope never fainted in future..

opp not forget to mention.During my study and friend were strong enough
to hold and moved a 4' x 8' wood...
dare enough to used that electrical, a very big jigsaw to cut the wood piece...sometime i asked others to help due to of us got injured..
and also dare enough to used a small hand jigsaw..Are you dare enough?

suddenly teary eyes..

well i should do something..go with someone that appreciate me..yeah baby..
my happines..will come someone said.
to achieve happiness come with a sacrifice

i'm a bit sensitive person..hehe..but very open minded in others..
usually people, who may not know me well,will call me..arrogant..
xkenal maka xcinta la..hhaahaa
sorry being emotional..

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