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what to say..
last night i was back to normal..haha...
my fiance..really shocked..because that the real crazy me..
guess he was wondering..what happening to me..he don't long as i am happy:)
er..i still wonder..also..hhaahaa due to what?hehe..that's the real crazy me bebeh messy to do..ok..will change it..
by the end of may,i will quit my job..focus on my wedding..
this 2 month is critical time for me..saving?err..urrgghhh..huhuu..hard to save enough,i has to use it..
for treatment as a bride to be..yeahh bebehh..

as for my wedding..i am very very very proud..i beat my sister and brother..hahaa
with this little money i have..i made it till the end..yo!'s my money.i proove it to you guys..this little girl that you used to mention unmatured,stupid..gona be better than you!jealous?what the .... from my experience i take it as a challenge to find come with a sacrifice..

my parent only support me for food & souvenier..hehe..and little for am scared,phobia,shame to ask their money due to etc etc etc..urrgghh...coz i am grown up already...after calculating's normal all the money fly away.still have few budget are affordable..for those who are getting married, 1st standby a RM1000 for solemnization dress,wedding dress,2x makeup..if you found a package,normally they charge for the wedding only,not solemnization..if + with's more than that..if you got a cheaper, that's your luck :)

my fiance is trying luck applying internship for this summer.on job training as an Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite) at Subang..hope luck come with us..before this..applied at brunei royal airline, but RBA has no longer have facilitated student abroad to such training..Singapore..also the same...

hope happiness and luck come with us..I have faith and believe in Allah..HE will give us miracle

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