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walk in..Delia Day Spa, Jalan Pegawai..
at near 3pm..
currently not available..full..
have to book at 4pm..yeah..ok.
went to town..collected his comic,bought Pesona Pengantin :)
almost the time..
girls' only
my Feeling?

it almost 1 and half year i didn't went to SPA..
my problem appear..
the massage...wwohhhoooo..
err..a bit pain haha..
i have blachead & whitehead pore and eyebag,dark cirlce
pimples?just little..:)

massage with hand, hot stone and a machine..
their technique..
perfect combination..
traditional and 1 modern machine..'s different from what i have done last time..
really got a feeling that my skin breath well..
oh my delicate month i will come back for eye treatment :)
opp before i forgot..there's shoulder massage
whooahh..i can felt it...lovely..err..
nobody ever massage like that..haha..only little bit..
my skin..firmer..whiter..soft..a bit red..hehe..not pale
no more open pore

later..eye treatment and body massage :)
i need to buy that dermo to prevent blackhead n whitehead..
facial+eye treatment= RM 68.00

2 Response to Facial

26 April 2010 4:35 PG

Kewl! Sounds like a great SPA time..... I never went to Spa so far.... maybe I shall try it one day =)

26 April 2010 9:59 PG

there are various spa..different technique..for male..hmm im not that's great you know..
i think you should try facial+thai massage:).maybe feel pain a bit..u can ask to make it smoother..after that..feel relieve..
thank for da visit :)

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