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is it clear>
hahaa..for me jealous is funny..haha..
there are several type of jealous and situation..
everybody have..
once jealous are beyond the limit,
that is obsession..
from the 1st time i am with him..jealous a bit..due to..several things..not because of her ex..
later i told you the story..
a wife..a husband..friends..other successor..
you choose..
so..need to handle your jealousy

well..i honestly admit to my fiance..if i am jealous,i'll told him directly..haha..
even sometime he mistaken my perception..

we share FB..i just only one to play those game.look around my alma matter.ngehngehngehh 
pop up's my fiance friend..bla2..etc..i told them..he was not available at the moment..sleeping beauty
sometime i ignore..cause he warn me..not to reply anything..ala..pity them..they want to know you..huhu
there was also..girls..
haahaa..even few words..i don't know how to reply..just email him the msg..
maybe she was in trouble..need some advice..
even i reply..they were shocked..
nothing to worry la..i was just with my game..
nice meeting them on FB..hahaa
so..gave me a gift.for the game..haha
actually..his friends will become my friend too..
my friends>become his friends too

end up after fiance replied..somebody got jealous..hhaaahaa..
funnyy..reeaalllyy funnyy not jealous..i was not in da mood of jealous..
why not he replied the msg to her..haha..pity her..a friend in need is a friend in deed..
are those words correct?
sorry..gomenne..still improve my english

actually..when something come question please..the most important thing in a relationship is you realize how the way you talk?please be careful..please change so that both person can accept..
and please please please
patient is a must..
and not forgetting..your faith in HIM..
once you forget HIM..
HE will forget you too.

that's what i learn in life..once you used cruel words..for the rest of your will continue to repeat it again,again,again..till when?

reverse psychology?maybe
i am also..still adapting myself to change for a better life..
and never give up..even if i give up..tears..haha..that's how i let it out..

others people jealous of me?
oh come on..think postive..i did nothing to i owe your money>nope
hmm other situation..don't mistaken my friendship..
my coolest best buddies..a lot of them are someones' wife, someones' husband..
left me..single, getting married..we share a lot stories, lesson..and learn from old stories..
well, i am getting married i need to get knowledge husband and wife..

how to cook>is a must
how to care in law>is a must
how to handle both family>is a must
how how how..etc..
sometime there is several little things that we forget..
i prefer to be in da middle..haha..libra..:)

so what?

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