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Meeting-Version 5

yeah..that weekend..back home.
he told me to meet him at Queen Bakery on 17th June 2004..
i still remember that lovely place..
now..already a SevenEleven shop..

i forgot already..what i wore..haha..
he told me that..
he was confused..
he looked nervous..
he read my letter..
oppp..oh no..(what an embarrasment..)
he asked few friends..
he told me also
he made a prayer..Istiqarah to find an answer

between the two person..

and i ever many of you done that?ask your self
it doesn't matter male or least maybe one of them..

at 1st hard for him..why why why..
how how how..
what to her..there were just got together..
it remind me this song..
that was for me..even i gave few hint to him before..okay..i was ready for the answer..
make it fast dear..
out of my mind..
he declared..
i am his girlfriend..
regarding her..he will talked to her..
er..i was is..sure it was..fuhh
kind a hard you know in that situation..
after he spoke to her..i knew what she would be..
i gave her some space..they just end up like that..
i take a long time for me and her to talk again.. and her..are friend as usual..she's happy with her life and boyfriend :)

glad to hear that..
hope you knew why he choose me..
all his secret just reveal..before this he told me a bit..he have a friend..
died due to that time i thought a male..coz in our language it be..
"saya dulu ada kawan baik..dia dah meninggal.."
if in english..even some..he also refer to i correct?

to be continue....
click here for the 1st version

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